Saturday, October 27, 2007

Yeah, this again.

In cruising around the Internet peeking in on people's lives through their blogs, I am somewhat alarmed at how often I find people, mostly women, talking about sadness and hopelessness. Not just - oh I'm having a really crappy day, but - how am I going to face another day? Why am I here, and is this all there is?

I know those feelings well. I know the feeling of being at the bottom of a well looking up to the circle of light above - just knowing there is absolutely no way to reach it. If you feel that way every now and then and it goes away, and you know how it feels to feel joy or excitement or happiness then it may not be a big deal for you.

But if you are hopeless and sad all the time, if you can't see what point there is to anything, or feel you are worthless or so flawed that you can never be loved or love yourself - that's not normal.

If the idea of being considered mentally ill is frightening to you, look at it as being traumatized by your life events, or a chemical imbalance, or being more sensitive than most. However you look at it or label it, please do something. See someone. Talk to a doctor.

In my case, I did talk therapy but in the end it was my meds that saved me. That is not the case for a lot of people and I never want anyone to feel like I am pushing medication. Exercise and the natural endorphins it floods your body with, helps a lot of people. Getting out and facing your fears and sharing them with friends and family, helps others.

Please search for your help. Thyroid problems can cause depression, so can hormonal imbalances. There are all kinds of things that may be causing how you are feeling and you don't have to just accept that's "just the way you are". Go to the Mayo Clinic Online, or Web MD, or Women's Call your doctor or your pastor if that works for you. But please reach out because there is help out there.

Life really can be good, joyous even. Join us. :)


Catherine said...

Hi Bettejo,

I think a lot of people feel really embarrassed to admit that they might have depression. Also, many people just don't understand what real depression is and simply assume that you're lazy or rude.

Nobody wants to think they've failed, particularly in this culture where to be a 'Loser' is the worst thing in the world. But what is a Loser? What does it matter if you don't make loads of money and look beautiful! There is so much more to life. Some of these so called winners are some of the saddest people on this plant and not always the nicest. We read about all these fantastic women who look beautiful and live such fulfilling and wonderful lives. Do they really exist, I wonder. We put too much pressure on our selves and our expectations are far too high. We no longer enjoy the simple things in life. I think it's going to be even worse for our children.

Okay, rant over.

Stimey said...

I've had a low level depression for most of my life. Meds made a HUGE change for me. Side benefit: a lot of my social anxiety went away too. I wholeheartedly agree with your post: It may not be for everyone, but it can really help some.

Lavender said...

Good advice BetteJo, brave message!

Day Dreamer said...

I love this post. I believe in meds, my mom in on some pretty radical ones. I also believe in exercise, my sister really believes in her endrophines...they probably have saved her from herself more than once.

Wonderful 'out there' post. Not surprising, yet surprising. Ya know?

venella_lover said...

good way of thinking.i believe in if person sad will never be loved or love himself
its my 1st sharing here
wish to read my new simple blog also
i see you care about soul and personality and thats what we are trying to talk about
waiting you to bright my blog

Pawhealer said...

Hey where are you snooping? I never see that stuff....but I guess looking on pet blogs, you wouldn't see that stuff. Snort!

I think that blogging is a way that people can just put things out there, get it off their chest...maybe the blog IS the theapry...

Good for you to tell your is brave of you as Lavender said.

Honeysuckle Rose said...

Going on Lexapro stopped me from going completely crazy .... that happened when I was trying to come off of it, hehe.

I'm all for getting medicated, it helped me!