Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Am I showing my age, or just a bit of class?

So, I went to lunch with my BF today, to a nice place that would be categorized as a sports bar/restaurant, but a rather upscale one. Lots of beautiful dark wood, well shined brass, and pool tables with the balls placed just so with 2 pool queues crossed on each table. There are TVs lining the walls, high up, and at least 25 of them or more. We've been there before so we knew what to expect and what we were looking for to eat.

I wasn't aware that our waitress would be on the menu. At least she sure looked like she was offering herself up for something unsavory.

I know I am middle aged. I know I have kids the same age as most of the wait staff there. I tend to be conservative about some things but in no way would anyone who knows me consider me a prude. Still - I was offended by what this girl was wearing. And no, my BF did not get whiplash trying to watch her, he is so much smarter than that and wasn't nearly as aware of this girl as I was.

In the past the wait staff has always worn - hm-m-m, I guess I don't know what they have worn. Which to me is a good thing. I like a friendly server, I don't expect them to be seen and not heard, engaging is good. But I don't expect their clothing to be distracting, or their voice or their hair.

Today we had a waitress who was in her early 20's I'm guessing, with a fabulous body. Yes of course I'm jealous, but that wasn't what influenced me. She was wearing very low pants, cargo pants, with all the big pockets. They were low enough that the elastic band of her underpants could be seen all. the. way. around. She was wearing a top that was so tight I thought it resembled bicycle shorts except made of some material that was so thin I was afraid it would just shred from the sheer pressure of her breasts pushing outward from within.

Did I mention her back tattoo? I have nothing against them, I have a small one on the small of my back as well, no big deal. But her shirt was short enough that we had a full view of her bellybutton in the front and her whole back tattoo and those 2 little back dimples that meant if the pants moved down another quarter of an inch we would have had full butt crack exposure in the room. My salad just didn't quite taste the same with those pants swishing back and forth past our table teetering on the butt crack.

She did decide to sit on a stool for a few minutes, I believe that was right after she tried to pants a co-worker. Oh yes she did. She yelled across the room to someone else inquiring as to whether he had made out with someone she knew apparently. She let him know that usually when she asked that questions the guys answered in the affirmative.

Luckily I could not see her from the back when she was sitting, but she did treat all the fellas in the room to a stunning display when she raised both arms in a luxurious stretch, ended by intertwining her fingers behind her neck and arching her back. Amazing.

It didn't look like she combed her hair, although that may have been a style, I'm not sure. Her hair looked dry and teased, and it was pulled back into a loose pony tail which was neither quite at the back of her head and not quite to the side. A bit off kilter. She topped it all off with a baseball cap which made the whole look - um - trashy-fabulous? Ugh. Not appealing to me.

This girl was actually a very good server in terms of keeping an eye on things, refilling drinks without having to be asked, etc. And maybe she gets better tips from some of the guys dressing like that, but it was enough to make me think twice about going back because I found her so unpleasant. To me, she what was could be described using one word. Her dress, her demeanor, and her speech were all inappropriate.

Am I the only one offended by things like that? To the degree that I may reconsider going to that restaurant again? And to be clear, if I had seen her at the mall, or walking down the street or at a movie theater I would not have given her a second thought. But as my waitress? I didn't like it.


Pawhealer said...

Well...I think we're showing our age...because I see the same thing.

There is a girl at my college, she has ever possible orifice pierced, every inch of visible skin marked with tats, and wears raspberry colored hair....

I can't help but be mesmerized when I look at her...And I can't believe anyone will let her stick a needle in them for an acupuncture treatment...


I guess times are a changin'

Drew said...

I was so waiting to hear if she had a 'tramp stamp.' Thankfully, your story did not disappoint in that area.

Catherine said...

I think women are so much more alluring and attractive if they only show off one bit of their, um, bits. For example, only show off your cleavage (if it's ample) and cover up everything else. Or if you've got good pins show them off but cover up your boobs. Only show off your flat tummy if your 18 years old! Don't show the whole bloomin' lot - that's just screams SLAPPER! And that has nothing do with getting old! No, really it hasn't!!

Honeysuckle Rose said...

I agree, that sort of get-up is just gross in a food serving industry. To me, bare skin with the danger of possible butt-crack exposure is just not appetizing.

For example, I have never understood why men go to a strip club and then talk about how good the food buffet is there. Ugghhh.

nutmeg said...

Unless of course you've CHOSEN to have lunch at Hooters!

TROBlog said...

Had I been there with a bunch of the guys I would have enjoyed her antics and dress. However, with the wife and/or the kids, I wouldn't have been comfortable and, in fact, probably would have complained to the management when I left. That kind of dress and demeanor should be saved for bars and places where kids don't frequent and/or wives are having as many brews as the husbands.

Course that is just me.

Day Dreamer said...

You are NOT alone. Not at all.

I am in shock at just how much skin I have to sometimes see just to get a diet coke. Ew.

And the pants thing down to reveal the thong undies and lower back tattoo almost giving way to the crack peep show? How can that possibly be eating attire at McDonalds, let alone a sit-down...YIKES.

I'm not prude either.

Lavender said...

Underwear that shows above pants line: Whales Tale
big V shaped tattoo at small of back: Bum antlers

I just dont get it myself, so youre not alone there mate!

Lavender said...

should be Wales TAIL not Tale LOL

palette48 said...

I have a little bit of this problem with my son's girlfriend. She likes to wear tight clothes or very short shorts. I know part of the problem is that is what a lot of kids are wearing and that is what the stores are carrying. Still this girl was working for this establishment and you would think they would have some kind of dress code for their employees. It just doesn't sound like she looked or acted very professional.