Thursday, February 26, 2009

You like me, you really like me!

In other news - I had my first review yesterday in my new position at work which is actually a year old and not so new anymore. But it was my first review done by this manager and I had no idea what to expect. It was actually pretty good, I was satisfied and pleased but what I didn't expect was to be praised like this "BJ you're funny. Hilarious really." He went on to tell me that my comments during conference calls and such are good for morale basically, and help keep things light and bring us together as a team. We are all remote and all over the country - most of us have never met each other in person so it can be a little awkward sometimes feeling like a close group or team.

And evidentally I am much funnier on conference calls than I am on this blog! But this brings up a memory from days gone by and a comment to a person who had my confidence so low at one time I could only look up at him. I guess that was the plan. He told me - you have no sense of humor. He didn't say it once, he said it a lot. And since humor was important to him he might as well have been telling me I wasn't a person. Oh right, the comment . . .


Now isn't THAT funny??? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!
I don't wish anything bad for him in his life. For the most part he had a big heart. But I just hope that he will or has realized how much words can hurt and sarcasm can be used as weapon. Those things can do real damage.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

She's 23!!!


It's my daughter's birthday today and I can't be with her. Last year either. But this year I was at least able to make sure she had a cake from Mom, even though I didn't make it myself. Those of you with kids in college who won't be home for special occasions might check out the University's offerings - Dani's school will deliver a cake, a snack care package, a chocolate assortment, and other choices - to the student's dorm room or as in my daughter's case - charge you a bit more for off-campus delivery. Very nice. And a surprise as well! And hopefully I didn't ruin any plans her boyfriend had because as Dani said "It's okay, if Dan has a cake for me he's so positive he would say 'oh good! TWO cakes!'" He also loves sweets so that may play into it.

Happy Birthday Honey! Yes, I AM putting the Sweet Pea cake on my blog. You love it, you know you do :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

How fun is this?? I found PhotoFunia

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Maxine Monday

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

No particular reason.

That's what Dani said when she called me the other day. "I'm bringing Dan with me, we're coming up for a day, for no particular reason." I'm a mom, glad to hear her daughter is coming home for a visit - I bought it.


Dani & Dan

Thursday, February 19, 2009

If I only had a brain! Call me Scarecrow.

So, I don't always show evidence of having a brain, especially when I talk. My boss at work is in another state so we communicate through email and IM'ing and phone. I emailed him today asking for some information, some kind of cheat sheet - something that would clarify some things for me that I always mess up. Mess up! Me? I know, right? He told me where to find a spreadsheet and I was most happy.

*Phone posted for Mahala's benefit*

The next email back to him was something to the effect of "thanks! Kinda ugly but I can put it in a format I like better. This will help!"

To which he replied, "Ugly? I did that. Thanks for the compliment!"


Luckily he has a good sense of humor so I sent my version to him when I finished with it and he had me add it as another page on his spreadsheet. Mine was definitely prettier. I just really need to think before those words tumble out of my
mouth sometimes. Because you wouldn't believe what comes out when I am completely not paying attention at all!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You can just see the thought process..

This is funny even if you're not a cat person!
Click the pic to go there.

Okay, well I know there isn't a big pay-off at the end
but - it made ME laugh out loud.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A diagnosis might have been nice.

When did I go to the doctor? It was February 5th. At that visit the doctor went over my blood work which wasn't great, decided to give me some new meds, my blood pressure was a little high, my sugar wasn't great but my thyroid was better than expected. Yay. I left the office with an order for more blood work in a month to make sure the new meds he gave me weren't killing me. Another appointment in 3 months. Got it.

So I wasn't expecting any correspondence from my doctor's office in the meantime. That's why I was confused about the envelope that arrived today but I was like - okay, whatever. I opened it to find a 2 page instruction sheet, basically, titled The Type 2 Diabetes Meal Planner. Like seeing THAT wasn't scary! What the hell? It was enough to make me want to go dunk my head in a bowl of chocolate which I've done a good job of staying away from since I announced I was giving up eating.

So .. does this mean the doctor decided between February 5th and today that I am a diabetic? Do you think maybe he should have mentioned that when I was there? If not, and he just wants me to attempt to follow this type of diet, do you think maybe a letter accompanying said diet explaining that would have been helpful? SHEESH!!!!

I guess I'm calling my doctor tomorrow. But I think his office is closed on Wednesdays. Of course.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Maxine Monday

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Their powers are too strong ..

Every weekend I look forward to sleeping late Saturday and Sunday mornings. And every weekend there are 4 cats who work together to keep that from happening.

First culprit, Riley. He starts by making Marge Simpson "mmmmm" noises. With his thyroid disorder he is hungry all. the. time. Yet he does have dry food out all. the. time. But when the sun starts to even hint at rising Riley knows in his heart of hearts it is time for that wet nasty food that comes out of a can. So he mmm's from the floor next to the bed, he mmms from the night table next to the bed, then he meows in my face standing half on the night table and half on the bed. If I don't open my eyes for a while, sometimes - he goes away.

Next is Jake. Jake starts by yodeling plaintively from the bathroom because you know the 2 bowls of water in the kitchen and the cup of water on the bathroom sink are not enough, she needs me to sit on the toilet while she drinks to make it satisfying. When I don't come to her calls she comes to me. She meows from the floor next to the bed before she jumps up. Her next course of action is to touch my face. The pads of her paws are always cold and she touches my cheek, my nose, my mouth. She gets so close that if I open my eyes she looks all distorted like one of those big-headed aliens with those huge dark almond shaped eyes. But - Jake can be bought. I lift the covers and let her crawl under and she will turn around and rest her head on my arm and settle in for a nap with me. I win for a little while longer.

That is - until Norah decides it's time to wake me. Norah is a big kitty, a full-figured girl. So when she jumps up on the bed these days I usually feel it. She has a teeny tiny meow and she rarely uses it. She uses her annoyance ability. She goes to the night table by the window and climbs up on the radio, sticking her head behind the blinds. For a second. She pulls her head back and the blinds smack against the window. She does it again. And again. I almost always have to say something or wave my hand to get her to stop. But she's nothing if not persistent - next she goes for the box of kleenex. It's on a sewing table at the end of the bed. She tries to eat it. She pulls an individual tissue out of the box and chews it and if she can't get it out of the box (which is almost always) she grabs hold and tosses her head - which flings the box onto the bed. Once there - she grabs tissue with her mouth and shreds it, picking and choosing which pieces she wants to ingest.

Norah really is the sweetest cat but omg she can be irritating. When I shoo her away from the kleenex she decides she will jump up onto my dresser which can be a delicate business because of the cluttered nature of the top of the dresser. Norah is not delicate. She does several rocking motions before she propels herself up and over, jostling several things, papers and bottles and pens and such. She makes a turn or 2 in place which always reminds me of the elephant (I'm sorry Norah) at the circus balancing with all 4 feet on top of a drum. Then she jumps back to the bed. She does it several times until I make her stop.

Making Norah stop her annoying activities jostles Jake who meows, alerts Riley that I am actually awake who quickly returns in full meow. I sit up and look and there are 3 cats in my room all looking at me, expecting me to get up. So I finally do. And as I make my way out of the bedroom I can see into the bead room where I see Abby (the evil one) stretch and stand and jump down from her perch where she has been observing from a comfy quilt. I suspect she uses her powers to turn the others into her evil minions to do her bidding every weekend. Once they have succeeded, she joins the rest on their way to breakfast.

I'm pretty sure I never stand a chance.

I haven't JUST been sitting around.

I've been trying to get some things done but I have discovered something. Putting my jewelry in my shop is not part of it I enjoy.

You have to take nice pictures, make sure they are the right size and square usually works best.

Then you need to decided on a price - many different ways people do that.

It's writing the description. How long is it? What is it made from? Think of something descriptive that isn't over the top but sounds nice.

And honestly, I have been away from my beading for so long I don't remember what all the stones are. Labeled? Lol! You're kidding, right? So I have research to do.

But I'm making some progress. Slow, but it IS progress.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In response to my doctor.

I'm announcing here that eating is over-rated and I'm giving it up. I'm done. I mean, it's just not working for me. Somehow no matter how I do it I do it badly.

So, I was thinking. When someone has a gastric bypass, how do they lose weight? Well, they lose weight by eating very little. So, what is the difference between not eating because your stomach has been stapled to the size of a gummy bear, or because you simply choose not to? Really, what is the difference?

Over the last 5 or more years I have convinced myself that what all the books and doctors and probably Oprah have said is true. Diets don't work. I took the course of - eat what I want, when I want, and stop when I am full. Of course that is supposed to encourage moderation and all that but I guess that's not how it has worked for me.

I have becoming increasingly cognizant of the fact that the older I get the less fuel my body needs. How fair is that? You live for years, you struggle and work and get to a point where maybe you can be a bit more comfortable and enjoy things, and whoosh! Somebody pulls the rug out from under you and says - yes, relax and enjoy your middle age and beyond, but just so you know - all those foods that you have come to love over the years? Yeah, they're poison to you now. They will make your butt big, enlarge your heart and push your blood pressure up. They will raise your sugar and make you winded after walking from your car into the Taco Bell. Yeah. Enjoy aging, enjoy your hard earned experience and wisdom, but eat oatmeal and radishes and boiled chicken breasts for the rest of your life! Argh-h-h!

So - I give up. If I cannot eat responsibly then I cannot be trusted to eat at all. And I'm fed up. (No pun intended.) I'm just done.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Maxine Monday

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Heat wave, a tropical heat wave ...

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Friday, February 6, 2009

You used to be hot!

You ever go to the drive thru at the drug store and get really aggravated at the person in front of you? I cannot tell you how many times I have been sitting in my car talking to myself about how people should just drop off or pick up prescriptions when they use the drive thru. Don't use it when you have lots of questions or when you have a new insurance card. Don't use it if you don't have the amount of money necessary to pay, and don't use it if you have to write a check! Anything complicated - you need to get out of your car and go inside the building.

Today I was sitting in my car at the drive thru window hating myself in sympathy with the 3 cars behind me and the 1 beside me. When I got there the drive thru was empty. I was only picking up a prescription for Riley, his thyroid meds. When the tech at the window asked me if I wanted to sign up for their discount card - it would take Riley's prescription from $17.00 dollars to $9.00 every time I use the card, there is a $20.00 yearly fee but if Riley needs his meds every month then the card pays for itself in 2 months. No one was behind me and I thought the girl wouldn't ask me in the drive thru if it was something that would take a long time, right? So I said yes.

Fifteen minutes later, argh-h-h, I was pulling away sheepishly - mentally apologizing to all the people behind me I was sure were cussing me out the whole time. I don't know why I cared but I wanted to get out of my car and say "I'm normally not THAT person! I am usually very considerate of others and follow what I consider to be good drive thru etiquette!"

Or maybe I was feeling a bit insecure having just come from the doctor's office where he said "I know if you could just lose 50 lbs you would be the happiest person around." He looked at me and remarked "I remember when you were thin, you could be pretty sexy." Sigh-h-h. "I mean that as a compliment of course." Of course you did.

Monday, February 2, 2009

News of the day~

So what do you think about the octuplets? There are judgements flying right and left and I guess I'm sitting back to see how it all plays out before I develop a firm opinion about it. I mean, none of it is my business, obviously. But it's on the news and I've seen other people commenting on it and I'm just a bit beside myself.
The mother of all these babies is 33 years old, unmarried according to her mother, and lives with her parents. She also has 6 other children all under the age of 8. My first thought upon hearing that set of facts was "Is that woman freaking nuts?!??!" Okay, part of me definitely STILL says that. But I'm trying not to.

Then the news reports start coming out with things like the grandmother saying her daughter plans on talking to Oprah, and Diane Sawyer, and she needs money from media deals to support her
family. Um. True? Fabrication? I have no idea.

Next comes the commentary comparing the mother of the octuplets with Kate from "Jon & Kate plus 8" fame. Anyone who reads here knows I watch that show, and under the influence of Ambien ordered their book unknowingly. I read it - with full consciousness. One huge difference between Jon & Kate and the octuplet mom, is that J
on and Kate used IUF which is intra-uterine fertilization. The ovaries are stimulated with the use of fertility drugs and then the sperm is introduced into the uterus. From there - what happens, happens. Kate & Jon did not set out to have 6 babies. But when they found out there WERE 6 babies, they chose not to have "selective reduction". They are a very religious couple and that, to them, was not an option.

The octuplet mom had in vitro fertilization, if reports are correct. She had 8 fertilized embryos implanted in her uterus at once. I don't doubt that she didn't think they would all take but oh my gosh - she doesn't have a partner, and she lives with her parents! Why would she take the chance of having 8 babies all at once? Now she has 14 children, all under the age of 8.

There are people who criticize Jon & Kate for putting their kids on TV and all that, but honestly, after being approached about doing what started out as a documentary, I t
hink they ended up doing it to provide for their family. I think that if at any moment they believed as parents that the show is a detriment to those children they will stop doing it. But for now - the opportunities their show has afforded their family have been fabulous. If you watch the show I think you will find that the kids (the sextuplets and their twin sisters) are all quite well behaved and well adjusted. Kate is a super OCD mom who keeps germs at bay and everything and everyone organized. Jon is a very involved dad, very loving and totally hands on, as much of an equal partner as he can be considering he does have an additional full time job.

In the case of Jon & Kate I think they ended up with a situation they were not expecting, and have done the best they possibly could under the circumstances. It turned out they were a likable couple and their audience embraced them, even if they did feel inadequate when it came to cooking (all organic) and cleaning and all the stuff Kate does with 8 kids that most of us don't do nearly as well with 2 or 3.

Now back to the octuplet mom. I wish I knew more. Here is my main concern. People are becoming more and more taken aback about her situation to the poi
nt of condemnation. Regardless of whether or not she went about this in an irresponsible and reckless way in many people's minds, she is going to need help. There are going to be 3 adults and 14 children in a small 3 bedroom house. Every one of those babies will need to be fed and diapered and held and rocked, over and over every single day. When Jon & Kate came home from the hospital and brought those babies home, they had lists of volunteers from their church and community lining up to help. People contributed diapers and clothes and money and time and their hands. They came in shifts, stayed up at night with multiple babies, took care of them and the older 2 girls, and for the first year all of those people, all those who volunteered were necessary. Kate is one of those control freaks who had trouble accepting the help but she realized very quickly how absolutely crucial all those people were for the well-being of her babies.

This mom of octuplets is not coming across very well in the media. Even though all the facts aren't out yet and people are not sure they know the whole story, what they DO know is enough to make them criticize this mom. I understand, I am trying my best not to do it myself. But what I am afraid of is that the lines of people wanting to help, those shifts of neighbors and friends and community groups reaching out to help will not materialize - because people are judging the mom and not thinking about the babies. You know, she's a nut - why should we help her? She asked for this, let HER deal with it!

I wish all babies were born into the very best families and the very best situations but it just doesn't happen that way all the time. There are 8 little babies, preemies, who are going to be coming home in the next few weeks or months. Will there be enough people who can put their opinions aside and help? Easy for me to ask sitting here in Illinois when those babies are in California, isn't it? I have to ask myself what I would do if I were there, in the immediate vicinity of that family, such as it is. Would I volunteer?
Would you?

Maxine Monday

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