Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blogging makes me happy!

If you look on the right sidebar towards the bottom you will see "Modified by Blogcrowds". That is where I got the 3-column template, when I embarked on the HTML hell post. Since I did that - I have been posting on their forum with the bits and pieces I still needed to fix. Stavanger, the guy who the site belongs to - has answered all my posts and been most helpful! Tonight he gave me the code to fix the last problem I was having where the color on the right side wasn't reaching the edge - and it worked! I mean - I was able to exchange the old code for the new - and it worked! And believe me - I don't know anything about HTML!! So I wanted to say THANKS to Stavanger for being out there and being available for assistance with his templates - and for creating templates that give people the layouts and options they want for their blogs! If you have your own blog, you might want to check out his site for new templates and or help!

I realized today, that blogging makes me happy. Not because I'm touting my shop, selling my jewelry, not because it's a good online business decision - but because I love to write! I write like I breathe - it is effortless for me. I don't necessarily mean I write well like I breathe, just that I can write the way I speak and sometimes better. I enjoy it. So picture a little girl stepping onto a stage, onto a small raised platform all dressed in dance clothes and quivering with anticipation! There is a spotlight and it's ONLY on her - she is the STAR - no one else exists on her little platform. The light from the spotlight is in her eyes so while she believes there is an audience out there - she can't see them - so she imagines them all watching her dance and loving every bit of her performance. And in the end - it doesn't really matter if there is an audience to her, it is the performance that means the most.

Me, and my blog. :)

Also today, in Etsy forums, there was a thread posted about a guy named Mike who has his own website, kind of like Craigs list - and he is accepting free ad submissions. Woo hoo! I love that all the people (most) on Etsy are so encouraging and helpful to each other! Of course giving out Mike's website helps HIM too - I think he's just getting started - but we all need new places to get our names out there so I am happy to give his site a plug! It is called - and I will put a link under "shops, sites, etc". Not only is the ad free - but you can load up to 5 very good quality and fairly large images along with your ad. For the life of me I can't locate the thread or I would mention the Etsian (sp?) who posted it! Good thing though, it all helps! Every place you can get your name, shop name - or even Ads are good! Take a look at my ad!
Loading these pictures on here that have nothing to do with anything is a total indulgence for me - but like I titled the flower pics - upper right - you can never have too much beauty. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I thought last night was fast!

Tonight - just a pretty picture from Hawaii. Kauai actually, really beautiful there. Just incredibly sleepy tonight. Going to get my tea ready for the morning, take my makeup off and the like. Early night for me. Very early. :) Sigh-h-h-h .....

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Quick post

Just a quick post tonight - wanted to post pics of 2 things I made last night. The first is a bracelet made with green aventurine and smoky quartz. Yay! Makes me happy!! Worked on connecting beads together by making loops - this bracelet was not "strung" so to speak. :)

Next is a necklace, made with pink quartz, blue glass, and smokey quartz. Made the same way as the bracelet - just different beads. Again - makes me happy!

Not ready to list these - haven't taken real photos yet or anything, but hey - this is a start towards the direction I'd like to go. Need a whole lot of practice which I plan to get. I want to feel that what I am asking people to pay money for is unique and strong and all my own.

I need to go and do some other stuff with the rest of my evening, so I will pick a nice landscape pic to close with. It's a good day!
Ah - I found a nice one. Talk about water like glass - so nice.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Need to improve!

Anything is possible. That's what this picture says.

Seems I am not happy enough with my beading. Beading. Hmmm. I don't want to just string beads on wire and try to make pretty patterns. I enjoy what I do - but I really need to do more. I feel a bit like a fraud - I need to try something more. I'm repeating myself. Well - I'm going into my bead room. Maybe I should lock the door and not come out until I have accomplished something new!! :)

I'm not unhappy - just feel something is lacking in my jewelry - I need to make it more my own. Maybe that's it. I feel a bit like anyone can do what I do. I need to develop my talent. It's funny cause one of the big discussions on Etsy has been about underpricing. I tried to get it across that I am an amateur - and I cannot price the things that I make - like someone who wire wraps their stones, makes their own earwires or clasps.

There didn't seem to be any getting it across to some people - that they should be able to charge more because they are better than some of us who have just started. I would really feel like a fraud if I charged more than I do. Even tried to tell them that it was a compliment to them that some of us don't charge as much as they do.

So much concern about driving the market down - seems to have blinded some people to who they are comparing themselves to.

Do not misunderstand, I am not hopeless. LOL! Not by any means! There is a plan in my head to continue to move forward and keep getting better until I know about the different gauges of wire and how to use them. Till I know what a tumbler is for or what a burr is!!! Progress. I must make some. :)

Mostly I think I'm saying - I know I have a long way to go. What I make appeals to some people and I am very happy about that. But I want to make pieces that I am totally internally pleased with. Something that reflects the ability I hope to develop. There, THAT'S what I mean.

I always use more words than I need to get a thought across. Always.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Almost there!

I think I finally got this template as wide as I want it. Now I have an edge line going down the middle of the right side - it's the coloring at the edge of the template. If anybody knows how to adjust it and it's remedial - please let me know. If it's beyond remedial - I'll live with it!!

Took a couple pictures of Dani modeling her necklace today. She is so adorable! She doesn't remember but when she was little I used to tell her she was special and very very lucky. I told her she was really smart, smarter than most, she was lucky because as a bonus - she was pretty too - but most importantly - she had a great big heart and was a good person too! I tried to de-emphasize the pretty part - in the context of it being an important part of her makeup. I wanted her to know she WAS pretty - but that certainly wasn't the most important thing about her. I think she understands that better than a lot of people do. But then again, it's still true - she IS smarter than most! Straight A's her junior year of college. OMG I can't believe she's that old. On the other hand - Andy is 23 now, boy does that make me feel old!! He really shares very few details - but I will have to ask him what kind of grades HE just got! He's a good kid (kid?) though, I don't worry about his grades.

So I managed to make a necklace, 2 bracelets, and I think 3 pairs of earrings last night. I love this bracelet, I actually dreamed about those 3 green stones across the front. No lie. I know that's a bit weird but it's true. The stones on either side of the green jade - are lavender, I know the picture doesn't refect that really well. I just love the green with lavender and then with the yellow. Great stuff. Another one of those chunky stone bracelets I like. Don't know if anyone else likes them - no one has bought one yet!! :) I'm trying to be patient. See my fingers drumming on the table ... ! I'm waiting ... come and get it!!

Haven't visited the Etsy forums much the last couple of days - I've been obsessing about this blog and trying to make it cool. But I obsess too much and it takes me forever! I saw a comment by jessprkle from Unique Expressions - her Etsy shop - and I went to her blog and saw this WIST thing I liked. Rotating pics from other Etsy sellers - I could do my own stuff I suppose, but anyway - I wanted it. So I clicked on it from her site and went off into an exploration of WIST and how to make it work. I still don't understand it entirely, like how to make ALL the choices I picked show up in that sidebar, but other than that I'm happy with what I did. Just don't ask me to explain it because I don't think I can! I get in trouble when I start to explore because I find things I need to figure out.

Haven't figured out Html a whole bunch, but did figure out I could alter numbers and look at what I did - and change it back if I needed to. Messed with that a lot too. Don't understand it much, but messed with it enough to get most of what I want.

Now though, I need to get a bit of jewelry made while I still have some evening left. Gonna pick out a purty picture to close with, and then head to the bead room. Woo hoo!!
Don't remember where this picture is from but I was struck by the contrast between the blue and the yellow. Pretty. Pretty and tranquil.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

HTML Hell!!

,So the results are in. I need to find someone who knows something about HTML to tweak my blog. I got the 3rd column but apparently people with smaller screens see it as rather squished. SO - I went in there and tried to adjust the width and padding and stuff I probably shouldn't touch, and I didn't help at all.

I'm thinking that on Monday I will ask one of the guys at work to look at it for me and see if he can make some minor adjustments to align things properly. Nobody wants to read a blog that's all over the place and unattractive. We'll see.

It's all rainy and ugly here in Illinois today, well, NW Illinois anyway. Wait, I live in the NE part of Illinois! I forget - because I live in the NW suburbs of Chicago so that's what sticks in my mind. What a dork. The pictures are the bowed heads of the peonies on the edge of my driveway, a bit dark but I took them at 8:00 o'clock at night.

I did manage to get one bracelet listed today, I think I will try to get a pair of earrings listed and then closet myself in my bead room and get something done. Looking forward to it actually. See what I can do. ..... After Flip This House is over. :)

Guess I'm not that smart. Monday? I'm not going to work on Monday! AND I have Tuesday off as well! How could I forget a 4 day weekend?

Done For Today

Well I have done all I can for today. My memory being what it is anymore - I am not sure I put everything back or not - but I will figure it out eventually. I am just glad I was able to get that 3rd column, I am pretty proud of myself for doing even that. Knowing nothing about Html I am lucky I managed.

Very tired now, and I really need to make some jewelry this weekend. I think I only have 2 bracelets and a pair of earrings to post right now and I'd really like to get going and build up some inventory. Need to start posting things on a regular basis, not every couple of weeks!!!

Here is a lovely pic - I believe it's Macchu Picchu - looks like a wonderful place to sit, looking out over the world it looks like, and contemplate. Away from everything. Peacefulness, then bed!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Right Now..

I just changed my template so I could have 3 columns. I tried to do it so I could save all my info that was in the left column I already had, but I don't know any HTML stuff so I finally decided that I was happy enough with the fact that I achieved 3 columns - to just add back the other stuff manually. So if you happen to pop in this evening and things are missing or look strange - I am probably working on it as we speak.
Hope you'll wait for me!

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Wow, I've been tagged by Artsy Clay! Haven't been tagged since I was in grade school! But apparently everybody else knows - this particular tag means I am supposed to write 7 little known things about myself and then tag someone else. Okay! This is hard because I have such a big mouth - everything IS known about me. Have to think.

1. I collect FireKing creamers and sugars.

2. I am afraid of my sock monkey!

3. I can still remember my favorite sunsuit from when I was 2 years old. Cornflower blue with white ric-rac (sp?) - and I do remember it - all the pictures are in black and white!

4. I used to like to walk on foggy evenings. Used to - the last time I broke my ankle very badly.

5. I really enjoy my own company and no longer think it's weird that I don't need to be around people all of the time.

6. I have Flintstone feet - very wide with impossibly small toes!

7. I like talk radio!

Now - I am in search of someone else to tag!! :)

Really Needs Some Work!

Okay. I edited every post today, went through and took the italics off - I like the look but it is harder to read. Changed the font entirely, changed some of the colors. Trying to make things a bit more uniform.

Found an Etsy shop I would LOVE to add - not so much because I want to be more commercial - but because her artwork is just plain pretty!! I commented on her blog, if I don't hear from her I will convo her to ask permission. Ask permission and then ask how the heck to DO it! I don't want to just do a link - I want to add her mini-etsy so it includes pictures. I think I may have to get her Html from her. Anyway, maybe that's what I will do. When I see shops that have things I think are just really pretty - I will ask permission and see if I can add them to my sidebar or whatever you call it. After all - I like pretty things.Before I became obsessed with beads, I was obsessed with searching the Internet for pictures to make screen savers with. For my own use, I would store them in a folder, and choose between them according to my mood. I still have them - just don't rotate them as much. I have things like 'landscapes', 'art', 'manmade', 'food', 'flowers', and Italy. I am going to put on a few of my Italy pics - they are SO pretty and interesting. I have so many pictures of Italy that I had to go through and totally cut them in half. The amount that is. Kept only my favorites, which may not be what other people like. I have the traditional cathedrals and statues, the vatican of course, but I also have things like this pic of a storm rolling in - in Tuscany. Beautiful!

I also love this pic of a cemetary, it's so different from what I would see anywhere that I am familiar with. Looks better in a larger form, but it still has a presence.

Well - I will have to search and play and make mistakes but I really want to make this blog more readable. Prettier. I was glad to see as I clicked on different blogs today - that I saw all kinds - from blogs that are all about their artwork or crafts - some that are all about their lives. Some that are a mixture of both. That's what I want mine to be, a good mixture. I don't know how to write JUST about my jewelry. So to keep it me - I need to write about both. Still - I really need to shine it up and make it all pretty.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
OH!! I got my beautiful magnets (suddenly distracted by a thought!!!) today - Abbie Road made them for me. The link is to the left. She was easy and wonderful to work with and the product is great too. She did my banner as well! I was so excited to get that envelope today - she doodled on it and made it fun to receive. I like them so much I don't know if I want to ship them put as freebies! I'm having some business card magnets made - maybe I will keep these Abbie Road magnets for handing out personally. The others will weigh less and be less expensive to ship anyway.

Time to go, other things to do and I'm sleepy! Early for me!
Have a great nite!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nervous ..

Not sure if I want to do this! Last 2 posts all my pics sort of - fell out. I posted them, saved everything, went in and out and viewed the blog a couple times - but the next day - little red X's. I hate them.

This pic is of a bracelet I haven't offered in my shop yet - but I love it! I love these big chunky carved agates - the blue and the deep gold. If I could be in love with a bead - either of those would be it. Oh - maybe throw the red into those choices!

Exciting day yesterday! Introduced my daughter to Etsy through my shop - and the necklace she designed. Such a nice feeling! Such a great girlchild!! Love her writing too - might ask her to write my shop announcement and descriptions - she is so articulate and funny!!! Her necklace is so colorful and a totally different style from mine which is great! She's definitely her own person.

The other exciting part of yesterday was introducing the newest member of the family/shop - Roberta! As I say in my shop announcement - **Second - we are introducing - Roberta! Roberta arrived by mail today. Dani pronounced her "creepy" as she was pulling her out of the box but by the time she had her upright she was saying "I think we should call her - Roberta." So Roberta joins our shop as well, to model and to hopefully bring some adventure!** Poor Roberta looks a bit stiff in this picture but she is holding still because that is our evil kitty - Abby. I would be holding still too!

Dani and I have some plans for Roberta, some adventures hopefully. Hope we can work it out. Here is an example of what I am hoping Roberta will help with, displaying jewelry as it would be worn. Here is an earring - look how nice it looks hanging from an ear an opposed to laying flat or hanging from a cup.

This is a necklace that I put on last night - I love it - it is so feminine and pretty! But look how nice it looks on Roberta! I think you can see it much better that way and I'm thinking Roberta is going to be a wonderful addition to the shop!
OMG - Rosie O'Donnel is being shown on Larry King - guess there was a big dust-up with Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View today. Ugh. Rosie is a huge bully and I am glad she is leaving that show. She spews her political views in such an uninformed simplistic way she really annoys me. I don't care what her views are - I just wish she would stop taking whatever the most inflammetory view she can and running with - whether it is based in fact or not! Ugh.
Hmmm. Y'know when I read about people's blogs in the forums on Etsy, they are all much more commercial than mine, I just can't seem to make mine like that. I talk about my jewelry and my frustrations and my joys - but I also talk about other things that have nothing to do with jewelry or sales. There is nothing wrong with the way everyone else does theirs - but I just can't.
I am very consumed with making jewelry and selling it - trying to get my ducks in a row - and my thoughts are always returning to it. But a part of me is very separate and apart from it and I don't think anybody really wants to read about that. Just not interesting. Probably why I don't push my blog much, don't really think people will be interested. I think I have always said too much - I am talking - in my life - in general. I reveal too much of myself and then later go - oh - why didn't I just keep that to myself???
Anyway. I am going to save this and click publish and hope my pics don't disappear again. If they do I am going to be so mad!!! I think Rosie put me in a bad mood. :(
Sorry! Now my paragraphing isn't staying - I am saving and exiting - paragraphs or not!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

SO tired!!!

For some reason the pics disappeared from my last post. No idea why but I am too tired to go back and add them again.

I have been looking at other people's blogs and they are all so nice and fancy and slick! I have no idea how to do that! I'm lucky I can write and stick a few pictures on here. There are a lot of people whose blogs are really commercial - they interview other sellers and artists and what-not, and post pictures of their items. I might put something on here if I see something I like - but I doubt I will ever get so intricate.

I find that lately I am STILL not getting any jewelry made, I am on this computer from when I get up until I go to bed. Lately. I am reading the forums on Etsy, I am trying to design postcards and business cards and trying to figure out all the promotional stuff. Today I finally gave in. After trying to print my own business cards and never being able to actually line them up properly - I confess I have finally consulted someone who does it for a living. I give!

This is my first try, kind of simple, not a lot of frills, looks pretty good. But in talking to my daughter - well - seems it needs something. So - I went back to the drawing board. I think I have lost track of which one's are which now, I just know this one was the first.

I sit here and do this stuff until I am bleary eyed and have gotten nothing else done all weekend. Tomorrow I will check my email about the magnets and business cards I am ordering, make sure I haven't sold anything, but then it will have to be housework and laundry, etc.

I think this is the 2nd one - but I'm not sure. ------------>
I am so sleepy this could be a picture of one of my kids for all I know at this point!!

<------ This one is my fancy one - and that's being nice. I would probably say busy, gaudy, etc now. And since I really don't know what I'm doing - it takes me forever to get to the point where I can print it and sit back and look at it to decide whether or not I like it. No doubt about this one - all that work and I hate it!

This is the final copy of what I want. I think. I had better - cause I have made arrangements to have it printed as business cards and magnets!!
In the midst of all that I decided to try to make postcards to hang on various bulletin boards, etc. I made one - printed out a bunch only for my daughter to point out I had put a comma where there needed to be a period - in the web address no less, so I corrected it and printed more. Ugh. Too much.

I keep thinking I need to get all this stuff nailed down so I can settle down and just make jewelry. I feel like I have ideas going through my head all the time, I miss it, but there are other things I have to do. I want to make jewelry!!!

Going to bed now. Not that anybody else reads this - but sorry for the dizzy post. I always get to this late at night and I guess I'm lucky if it EVER makes any sense.



Friday, May 11, 2007

Ver-r-r-y-y-y Interesti-i-i-n-g!

Yesterday and today were very interesting to me. In my quest for Etsy knowledge I went into several forum threads, read, posted some, hate to be only a "lurker". I have a lot to learn - I think it's a good idea to just kind of keep my mouth shut about some things - I am forever conscious of being a seller. I know I can be turned off very easily by small things sometimes, and not want to buy from someone. Having been a long time buyer on ebay - I am very familiar with the way different people handle themselves as sellers, and what I respond to as a buyer. The difference is - on ebay I never went into any forums to see what the sellers were talking about behind the scenes.

A couple of weeks ago there were technical difficulties on Etsy that kept the site down for over 24 hours. The forums were down but the blog was up and people were using it like a forum. There were people who were whining and complaining and demanding something be done -- that admin start treating Etsy like a "real" business and give the sellers the support they pay for - yada yada yada.

More people were very light-hearted about the outage, cheering Haim on, thanking admin for working 24 hours straight and trying so hard for everyone. I had to laugh at how many people listed all the chores - mostly housework - they got done because they weren't in front of their computers!!

When it was pointed out that Etsy does not charge that much, is growing by leaps and bounds, and working very hard to correct the problems - some of that first group got downright nasty - dropping the F-word and railing against admin, Etsy, and anyone who was daring to be patient! It was also pointed out - by me - and by several others - that buyers read that stuff and people might want to keep that in mind. But apparently being angry yelling about being treated unfairly was more important because they kept on.

So, putting on my customer cap right now, I can tell you there were 2 sellers in particular that were so demanding, ungrateful and nasty, that even if they have an item I want in their shops - and it is the only item of it's kind available anywhere - I will pass it up rather than buy from them. Such is the mindset of a customer. Not just "BetteJo customer" - but all customers. Not all are turned off by the same thing - but you never know what it may be so why be offensive if you don't have to be? It's funny because I think political correctness has gone to such an extreme in this country these days that less gets done because everyone is afraid to speak their mind. But there is a difference between being PC - and trying to always remember that online - I am always in view of a potential buyer.

So today, in "etc" there were a couple of threads that struck me as being in very bad taste - and WAY too much information for anyone trying to attract customers to their stores. I am aware that Etsy has targeted the the artsy, edgy, contemporary younger crowd out there. More "artists" than crafters, and that's fine. But not all buyers are young and certainly not all buyers are edgy! I can guarantee you right now that I could name 5 people off the top of my head who would be turned off enough by those threads to not buy from those seller's shops. So what happens? Censor them? Oh no, of course not! I just wish there was more common sense. Really the people engaging in that type of behavior are in the minority, but I do think it reflects on the rest of us to a certain extent.

I have come to really enjoy the community feel of Etsy, how nice people are and how personal it all feels. But seeing someone I have already bought from - and thought was really really nice - in a forum thread being irresponsible with their language and thoughts - makes me feel a tiny bit betrayed - like the person I bought from was fake. I don't know about anybody else - but I want to TRUST the people I buy from. HMMM.

So I suppose I need to ask myself right now - are these thoughts I should keep to myself? I dunno, I really don't. I feel a little like - how dare I - being so new to Etsy and all. I think I just like it so much - I want to believe it - and the people in it - are all wonderful, honest, and peaceful people.

I suppose I'm not too worried about what I'm saying because I have done nothing to bring people to my blog - until today when I posted it in my shop. But it's not a flashy blog, probably boring in comparison to others - and I guess I don't really think many people will read this. I still want to emphasize that anything I am saying is because I want Etsy to be good - to STAY good - and to get even better. I really like it - I want to LOVE it!!! I really have the best intentions.

On a completely different note - I am working on my big pot holder order and need to get back to it. My girlchild is home from school (college) and I was excited when she expressed an interest in actually - maybe - possibly - beading!! How fun!!! The boychild picked up a cake for Mother's day, and my JD brought me a bunch of flowers to plant in front of the house - his Mother's Day gift to me, just like last year. I think this will be a good weekend, I just have so much to do!!

Hope all the Moms out there have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, and treat themselves to something special - hey - maybe something from my shop? LOL!! Shameless I tell ya!! :)

Nite! Hope it's a good one!!!


Sunday, May 6, 2007

Quick Note

Just a quick note here. The thing about the pot holders - well - there is another Etsy seller who wants 20 of my pot holders. 20!! And I suspected I might not sell any. She wants to make something else out of them which is fine by me, and she really seems like a darling girl. So - if she likes the pot holders - and likes what she makes out of them - I may be her pot holder source. Too funny when I put those pot holders on Etsy on a whim. !!! You just never know. :)

On another subject - I made a few of the new bracelets I was thinking about, haven't quite made one I am entirely happy with - but I DO like the one's I've made. They are available in my shop now. I plan to keep on working toward the perfect BetteJo's chunky colorful bracelet!

Have a wonderful evening!


Thursday, May 3, 2007

TOO Long!

It has been TOO long since I sat down and did this! I meandered off in a different direction, beading in my mind while I made pot holders! Actually, I went up to Michigan to visit my Mom, and while my son was driving - I made pot holders. Then when I got to Mom's house - she said thanks - so I guess I had been making them for her! When I got home I still felt the urge to use the loom - so I made more. I ended up listing them on Etsy, even though I feel like a bit of an artistic whore doing it. :) But they ARE nice potholders! Besides. They put me into housewares and may bring some different people to my site. If they don't sell at all I will take them off, lower my head and avoid all eye contact.
I love the photo of this necklace, the picture of the woman in the center is a vintage ad for some product I can't remember. I just thought it was so beautiful and feminine. Obviously I am still searching for who I am on my site. I like being funny, but I also like a bit of an edge and out of the ordinary. On the other hand I am very aware of not being 'out there' - I need to be what sells. Still - I very much want to be me. There's an honesty I want to show - I don't want to play at being something I'm not. Sigh-h-h.
In that way I guess I'm floundering a bit, trying things that occur to me - and then the next. I wonder how come other people don't seem to have multiple personalities like I do. Hmmm. Might need to check into that.
I DO have some wonderful ideas for some bracelets that I am dying to try - that will be next. I have ordered the beads that I need, have rec'd some and I am sure I will get the rest in a day or 2. Yay! Can't wait. Problem is - if these bracelets turn out the way I am thinking - I may not want to sell them! :)
Well, Sanjaya finally got sent home on American Idol, so did Phil and Chris this week. Elvis sang with Celine Dion - look at what has happened since I was in here last!!! My girlchild is almost done with school for the year - I am proud of her - all A's last time we talked about it. My boychild is in the midst of finals and writing papers too - but he never talks about his grades. When we went to Michigan - he took off to go to Meier (sp?) Gardens and then to the Gerald Ford Library. He is SO interested in museums and art and things I never associated with him in the past. Funny - the kids we think we know. Proud of him coming into his own and understanding his interests.
The Boyfriend is out of town for a few days, family stuff he needed to attend to. I miss him while he's gone, totally, but it always feels so good when he comes back I think it's good to be separated now and then. I always get a lot done too, although I never get to bed early enough. Night owl that I tend to be.
So, the dishwasher has finished running, I am off to get my tea set up for the morning and put together some kind of lunch. Although the boss was talking pizza today. Oh everything is so complicated. :) If that's the least of my worries I guess I am doing pretty well.