Saturday, October 20, 2007

Getting back to it

I have been guilty of blogging and not beading, so sitting down and knocking out a few pieces tonight felt really good. I took a few pictures, sorry they are a bit dark but I hung the necklaces on Roberta (my mannequin) and took my pictures next to a lamp with no further preparation or fuss. Will need to do better when I list these in my shop.

This is all citrine chips and onyx. There are small onyx rounds as well as larger faceted ones.

I like the yellow and black, the round beads next to the free form chips.

I love tourmaline and simplicity. This is very simple with tourmaline ovals in 2 sizes, small crystal beads as well as glass pearls and small silver rounds.

Pinks and greens are the main colors.

Silver is fast becoming a focal point in some of my jewelry, and this necklace has a wonderful handcrafted sterling silver flower as it's center piece. I love it! The beads are green aventurine and Swarovski crystals with silver bead caps and small silver rounds.

There are also some great handmade sterling silver woven box beads that are really gorgeous in their own right.

Hopefully I will get these listed in my shop soon, as well as continuing to make new pieces. Christmas is coming and to someone like me that means preparing not only to buy gifts - but to sell them as well!!


Lavender said...

Oh! My pick is the citrine and onyx one - Yummy! Isnt it funny how no one ever tells you that you will have to spend more time on photographing the creations, than making them? LOL
I hope they all bring you lots of lovely cash! :)

Around My Kitchen Table said...

These are brilliant. I really must investigate your creations further, especially - as you point out - with Christmas just round the corner.

Catherine said...

These are just lovely Bettejo. I particularly like the silver and aventurine necklace. Really elegant! It's a really satisfying feeling when you create a piece that looks good, isn't it.

Catherine x

Honeysuckle Rose said...

Very nice indeed!

Apparently this year's hot colors are turquoise and brown; that's all we've been selling at the gallery ... make some with that color combo and watch them fly out the door!

palette48 said...

Very pretty and I like them all. I hope you have good luck with them!

Patriot said...

Hi! Just came across your blog - are all of your products made here in the U.S.? Let me know if you ever want to host a giveaway on my site!

Speaking of which, I have a new giveaway over at my site this week - it's for some wonderful, American made products. Come check it out!


MsCatCalls said...

I love the silver flower piece its fabulous . Sometime when I have a minute ( after my week away) I must look properly at your shop . Im assuming your pieces are all avilable online .

cry it out! said...

Wow! Woven boxed beads and a flower all in silver?! Those are just gorgeous. I really like the look of the woven beads. A very nice choice.