Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mama scored some drugs!

The clinic called me at work today. A nice girl named Laura told me the Doctor had okayed the meds I had asked for. However, they wouldn’t have the amount I was asking for until Thursday or Friday.

Panic set in. “Can you give me some today? Even if it’s a little bit? Then I can get the rest of it later in the week, but he really needs this now. He’s gone all weekend without.”

“Okay” Laura was agreeable. “That shouldn’t be a problem, a little today and the rest later in the week. You’ll be in to pick it up today?”

“Oh yes. Right after work” I answered.

As I was driving to the clinic I was hoping he hadn’t gone too long without the meds. Argh-h-h, he gets so cranky and lethargic, he snarls at me and frequently gets physically ill. “If I can just get some into him as soon as I get home.”

Leaving the clinic I realized I was clutching the bottle in my hand thinking “I need to get home. Need to get home.”

As soon as I arrived home and came into the house, I dropped my purse, my mug and my lunchbox on the desk and headed to the kitchen. I plucked a syringe out of the drawer next to the sink, and uncapped the bottle I had been clutching. Putting the syringe into the opening in the bottle I turned it upside down and drew some of the liquid into it. Enough.

Now I just have to get him to take it. What kind of mood is he in? Will he fight me? He knows this is the only thing that makes him feel better, his body craves it, but he hates taking it. He’s there, at the kitchen table, eyeing me as if to say “oh no you don’t!”

I move up on him quickly and grab his face, circling around behind him and forcing his jaws open. He does fight me some but he knows I am stronger. I see my chance and squirt some of the coveted medication into his mouth. Make sure he swallows it. And I breathe a sigh of relief.

I know if I give him some of the meds oh – 3 days in a row instead of every other day, he will catch up and things will start to regulate again. Then and only then will this cranky old man cat be able to process things normally through his digestive track without drooling incessantly and puking on any flat surface in the house! He is simply the most constipated cat I have ever owned!

But – I win! I will be picking up 16oz of this miracle kitty stool softener later in the week! Woo hoo! Better to fight with him to take the meds then to be cleaning his puke from the carpet.

Sleep old man, because tomorrow - we will go through this again. *rubbing my hands together* And you will not puke on my rugs!



Joy said...

This was just what I needed to read this morning - there was much cat puking here last night. Grrrr. Thanks for the laugh - and congrats on your 'score'!!

palette48 said...

He looks content, so he must be feeling better. Good luck with the next dose!

BetteJo said...

Lactulose - that's what it's called. Riley kept throwing up quite often and then I realized he was constipated when he got totally backed up and was drooling. Had to take him in and get him cleaned out - shoulda heard him screaming! But this stuff works wonders! He still throws up some, but not like before. He hates it - but it works. I also just found a Canadian pharmacy online where I can buy it for less than half of what the vet is charging me, without a prescription. Woo hoo.

Obviously I need a life!

MsCatCalls said...

Just been catching up on your blog , still out of action really with no laptop but borrowed a pc for a quick catch up . This post made me laugh . My cat calls sometyimes means I have to dose up other people s cats , some more of a challenge than others !
thanks for comments re greyhound . I will post pics soon , laptop permitting ....

Day Dreamer said...


Hope he gets better!!! (For both of your sakes! Ew on the puke...and drooling is just not attractive!! LOL!!)

SUEB0B said...

The things we do for love.

Lavender said...

Hehehe clever lady - the way you wrote it all cryptically till the end LOL!
Arent they amazing how hard they will fight this stuff - you almost feel like youre abusing them when really its for the best - oh our poor kitties!

nutmeg said...

Can you score me some of that for my husband?

BetteJo said...

Actually - it IS used for humans!!

Stimey said...

Among other reasons (muddy dog feet, my childrens'...fluids, etc...), cat puke is making us rip up our carpets and live ONLY with hard floors.

Pawhealer said...


That looks to me to be a very nice kitty....are you sure the very cute little kitty is cranky?

You maybe should consider herbals for your cat. They work better than western meds for chronic disease.

I know its scary at first, but they work!

Good luck with the rugs...I gave up on mine a long time ago.