About me

 Who am I, anyway?
         Crazy cat lady living life one bead at a time.

I am a *cough cough* middle aged woman who does indeed have cats.  Four, to be exact.  Two we got shortly after I got divorced because I could not have them when I was married.  My ex-husband was allergic.  Once he moved out the kids and I made the trek to a nearby town to get our first cat, a male orange tabby we named Riley James. 

Oh, did I mention  kids?  Yeah, I have  two.   Andy is 27 and on his computer in the back of the house when he's not working so I don't see him very often.  He is very good about running to the store for me or putting gas in my car, taking out the garbage, stuff like that.  But for the most part, he doesn't mingle much in the front part of the house.

I also have a daughter Dani, who is 25.  I tend to talk about her on my blog more than Andy because well, she talks to me more.  She is a college student pretty much doing it on her own, I am not able to help her a whole lot.  She's a good kid but she is also responsible for two of the cats.  Well, mostly.

The second cat came home with us a year after the first because we all pretty much decided that Riley needed company.  We wanted a female but seeing as we do not plan these things and have a tendency to run out and want what we want NOW, we came home with an adorable gray and black striped shorthair, a boy, with the most lovable disposition.  We named him Jacob Samuel.  We also found out he was a she six months later when she went into heat.  By then her name was Jake, or Jakie, and while we had trouble remembering to call her a 'she' - we knew we would never be able to call her by a different name.

We were quite happy with two cats until a cold, windy and rainy Mother's Day a few years later.  My daughter is a wonderful wheedler, and Dani started in the morning with "wouldn't it be great to get a kitten for Mother's Day?  Mama?  A Kitten?  We would love a baby kitten, wouldn't we?"  It didn't take her long to wear me down and that is how we ended up bringing Norah Jane home that day.  She is a beautiful gray cat who looks like a Russian Blue and is very sweet but also very skittish.

That was plenty.  Mom, a boy child, a girl child,  one male cat and two females.  Yes, we were complete.   Until a few years after that someone had the bad manners to abandon a kitten in an apartment and the friend of my daughter's who found it couldn't keep it.   Sure, HER mother said NO.   That was when Abigail Grace joined us, a gorgeous tortie who turned out to be the devil him - er -  herself.  Evil evil cat, I'm sure due to the fact she was not socialized properly with humans or cats.  So yes, she bites.  I have to warn people about her.

I write about my boyfriend, usually just calling him my BF - somehow it seems just silly to say my boyfriend at this age.  He is a wonderful man who gives me flowers nearly every week whether I need them or not, plies me with lunches and feeds squirrels with me.  I generally only mention JD here and there because he likes to read my blog and would rather not be reading about himself.  That's fine, but I do like to mention him every now and then because he truly is a special guy.  

And no, I do not want to get married again.  Each one of my siblings and even my Mom have all been married and divorced twice.  I don't plan on adding to that statistic so I'm not chancing it again. 

When I started my blog it was to promote my jewelry.  I have a shop on 
Etsy called BetteJo's Bead Creations, (feel free to visit), and I thought it would be a good promotional tool to blog about my beading.  Until I found out that I just like blogging to blog and I particularly love to read other blogs.  As a matter of fact my blog has taken me away from my jewelry time and time again so has not turned out to be much of a promotional tool.  I have sold some jewelry as a result of my blog, but let's just say it's a good thing I don't count on selling jewelry as my income.  I enjoy creating it and love it when people want to buy it but my blog really doesn't help me do it very much. 

My real job outside the home is I.T. related and that's pretty much all I say about it.  I've heard about bloggers losing their jobs because of what they have written on their blogs and I don't plan on having that happen to me.  So far I haven't said a whole lot about work because for the most part it isn't really that interesting.  To most people anyway.

I enjoy writing but I write just like I speak so it's rarely grammatically correct and I know it.  I use a lot of run-on sentences, put commas in the wrong places and throw in plenty of fragments.  I suppose I could try harder in that area but I feel like it wouldn't be me if I tried to change it.  I speak in run-on sentences and fragments.

After fighting depression for years, I am happy to say I am at peace with it now.  My answer turned out to be medication and I talk about it, hoping my struggle may help someone else.  Everyone's answer is a bit different but the first step is to not be ashamed.  That's when the healing can begin.  So yeah, my life is ordinary, but it is my life.  And right about now - ordinary suits me just fine.  :)

I hope you find some of it interesting.