Thursday, May 3, 2007

TOO Long!

It has been TOO long since I sat down and did this! I meandered off in a different direction, beading in my mind while I made pot holders! Actually, I went up to Michigan to visit my Mom, and while my son was driving - I made pot holders. Then when I got to Mom's house - she said thanks - so I guess I had been making them for her! When I got home I still felt the urge to use the loom - so I made more. I ended up listing them on Etsy, even though I feel like a bit of an artistic whore doing it. :) But they ARE nice potholders! Besides. They put me into housewares and may bring some different people to my site. If they don't sell at all I will take them off, lower my head and avoid all eye contact.
I love the photo of this necklace, the picture of the woman in the center is a vintage ad for some product I can't remember. I just thought it was so beautiful and feminine. Obviously I am still searching for who I am on my site. I like being funny, but I also like a bit of an edge and out of the ordinary. On the other hand I am very aware of not being 'out there' - I need to be what sells. Still - I very much want to be me. There's an honesty I want to show - I don't want to play at being something I'm not. Sigh-h-h.
In that way I guess I'm floundering a bit, trying things that occur to me - and then the next. I wonder how come other people don't seem to have multiple personalities like I do. Hmmm. Might need to check into that.
I DO have some wonderful ideas for some bracelets that I am dying to try - that will be next. I have ordered the beads that I need, have rec'd some and I am sure I will get the rest in a day or 2. Yay! Can't wait. Problem is - if these bracelets turn out the way I am thinking - I may not want to sell them! :)
Well, Sanjaya finally got sent home on American Idol, so did Phil and Chris this week. Elvis sang with Celine Dion - look at what has happened since I was in here last!!! My girlchild is almost done with school for the year - I am proud of her - all A's last time we talked about it. My boychild is in the midst of finals and writing papers too - but he never talks about his grades. When we went to Michigan - he took off to go to Meier (sp?) Gardens and then to the Gerald Ford Library. He is SO interested in museums and art and things I never associated with him in the past. Funny - the kids we think we know. Proud of him coming into his own and understanding his interests.
The Boyfriend is out of town for a few days, family stuff he needed to attend to. I miss him while he's gone, totally, but it always feels so good when he comes back I think it's good to be separated now and then. I always get a lot done too, although I never get to bed early enough. Night owl that I tend to be.
So, the dishwasher has finished running, I am off to get my tea set up for the morning and put together some kind of lunch. Although the boss was talking pizza today. Oh everything is so complicated. :) If that's the least of my worries I guess I am doing pretty well.