Sunday, May 20, 2007

SO tired!!!

For some reason the pics disappeared from my last post. No idea why but I am too tired to go back and add them again.

I have been looking at other people's blogs and they are all so nice and fancy and slick! I have no idea how to do that! I'm lucky I can write and stick a few pictures on here. There are a lot of people whose blogs are really commercial - they interview other sellers and artists and what-not, and post pictures of their items. I might put something on here if I see something I like - but I doubt I will ever get so intricate.

I find that lately I am STILL not getting any jewelry made, I am on this computer from when I get up until I go to bed. Lately. I am reading the forums on Etsy, I am trying to design postcards and business cards and trying to figure out all the promotional stuff. Today I finally gave in. After trying to print my own business cards and never being able to actually line them up properly - I confess I have finally consulted someone who does it for a living. I give!

This is my first try, kind of simple, not a lot of frills, looks pretty good. But in talking to my daughter - well - seems it needs something. So - I went back to the drawing board. I think I have lost track of which one's are which now, I just know this one was the first.

I sit here and do this stuff until I am bleary eyed and have gotten nothing else done all weekend. Tomorrow I will check my email about the magnets and business cards I am ordering, make sure I haven't sold anything, but then it will have to be housework and laundry, etc.

I think this is the 2nd one - but I'm not sure. ------------>
I am so sleepy this could be a picture of one of my kids for all I know at this point!!

<------ This one is my fancy one - and that's being nice. I would probably say busy, gaudy, etc now. And since I really don't know what I'm doing - it takes me forever to get to the point where I can print it and sit back and look at it to decide whether or not I like it. No doubt about this one - all that work and I hate it!

This is the final copy of what I want. I think. I had better - cause I have made arrangements to have it printed as business cards and magnets!!
In the midst of all that I decided to try to make postcards to hang on various bulletin boards, etc. I made one - printed out a bunch only for my daughter to point out I had put a comma where there needed to be a period - in the web address no less, so I corrected it and printed more. Ugh. Too much.

I keep thinking I need to get all this stuff nailed down so I can settle down and just make jewelry. I feel like I have ideas going through my head all the time, I miss it, but there are other things I have to do. I want to make jewelry!!!

Going to bed now. Not that anybody else reads this - but sorry for the dizzy post. I always get to this late at night and I guess I'm lucky if it EVER makes any sense.