Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nervous ..

Not sure if I want to do this! Last 2 posts all my pics sort of - fell out. I posted them, saved everything, went in and out and viewed the blog a couple times - but the next day - little red X's. I hate them.

This pic is of a bracelet I haven't offered in my shop yet - but I love it! I love these big chunky carved agates - the blue and the deep gold. If I could be in love with a bead - either of those would be it. Oh - maybe throw the red into those choices!

Exciting day yesterday! Introduced my daughter to Etsy through my shop - and the necklace she designed. Such a nice feeling! Such a great girlchild!! Love her writing too - might ask her to write my shop announcement and descriptions - she is so articulate and funny!!! Her necklace is so colorful and a totally different style from mine which is great! She's definitely her own person.

The other exciting part of yesterday was introducing the newest member of the family/shop - Roberta! As I say in my shop announcement - **Second - we are introducing - Roberta! Roberta arrived by mail today. Dani pronounced her "creepy" as she was pulling her out of the box but by the time she had her upright she was saying "I think we should call her - Roberta." So Roberta joins our shop as well, to model and to hopefully bring some adventure!** Poor Roberta looks a bit stiff in this picture but she is holding still because that is our evil kitty - Abby. I would be holding still too!

Dani and I have some plans for Roberta, some adventures hopefully. Hope we can work it out. Here is an example of what I am hoping Roberta will help with, displaying jewelry as it would be worn. Here is an earring - look how nice it looks hanging from an ear an opposed to laying flat or hanging from a cup.

This is a necklace that I put on last night - I love it - it is so feminine and pretty! But look how nice it looks on Roberta! I think you can see it much better that way and I'm thinking Roberta is going to be a wonderful addition to the shop!
OMG - Rosie O'Donnel is being shown on Larry King - guess there was a big dust-up with Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View today. Ugh. Rosie is a huge bully and I am glad she is leaving that show. She spews her political views in such an uninformed simplistic way she really annoys me. I don't care what her views are - I just wish she would stop taking whatever the most inflammetory view she can and running with - whether it is based in fact or not! Ugh.
Hmmm. Y'know when I read about people's blogs in the forums on Etsy, they are all much more commercial than mine, I just can't seem to make mine like that. I talk about my jewelry and my frustrations and my joys - but I also talk about other things that have nothing to do with jewelry or sales. There is nothing wrong with the way everyone else does theirs - but I just can't.
I am very consumed with making jewelry and selling it - trying to get my ducks in a row - and my thoughts are always returning to it. But a part of me is very separate and apart from it and I don't think anybody really wants to read about that. Just not interesting. Probably why I don't push my blog much, don't really think people will be interested. I think I have always said too much - I am talking - in my life - in general. I reveal too much of myself and then later go - oh - why didn't I just keep that to myself???
Anyway. I am going to save this and click publish and hope my pics don't disappear again. If they do I am going to be so mad!!! I think Rosie put me in a bad mood. :(
Sorry! Now my paragraphing isn't staying - I am saving and exiting - paragraphs or not!!!


Robin Marie said...

Where are you loading your pictures from? Try uploading, and make sure you don't break the img code. Don't move images around or rename images in whatever service it is you're using, because that will break the code.

Judy said...

I found your blog address on the etsy thread "How do I get people to visit my blog?"

You have been "tagged." Write 7 little known things about yourself. Then tag someone else.

Have a great day!