Thursday, May 24, 2007


Wow, I've been tagged by Artsy Clay! Haven't been tagged since I was in grade school! But apparently everybody else knows - this particular tag means I am supposed to write 7 little known things about myself and then tag someone else. Okay! This is hard because I have such a big mouth - everything IS known about me. Have to think.

1. I collect FireKing creamers and sugars.

2. I am afraid of my sock monkey!

3. I can still remember my favorite sunsuit from when I was 2 years old. Cornflower blue with white ric-rac (sp?) - and I do remember it - all the pictures are in black and white!

4. I used to like to walk on foggy evenings. Used to - the last time I broke my ankle very badly.

5. I really enjoy my own company and no longer think it's weird that I don't need to be around people all of the time.

6. I have Flintstone feet - very wide with impossibly small toes!

7. I like talk radio!

Now - I am in search of someone else to tag!! :)


sarahknits said...

I love being alone too, and am also finally accepting the fact that it's just who I am, I'm not weird, I'm me! Don't get me wrong, I love people too, I just need my space now and then.
I just finished posting my own seven, and now I'm off to tag someone else, thanks!