Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wonderful Weekend!

Yes, my weekend is just ending now. It was lovely. I took 3 days off work, Thursday, Friday, and Monday. That always makes things nice - whether or not I do anything special.
I spent Thursday mostly running errands, etc. Friday & Saturday I spent a great deal of time messing with my newest discovery - photographing my jewelry with the scanner instead of the camera! The pictures are awesome - there is SO much detail!
Now however, I need to find a way to make those pictures cute and or amusing. The detail is truly beautiful, but the only artistic thing about them is the different ways I can find to lay the jewelry out. Not enough. So I will be online looking for ideas for the next week probably, until I come up with something. Hey, for me - the search is always the most fun!
So - the new pictures firmly in place - a really nice lady went shopping at about 3:00am Sunday morning and bought 5 of my pieces!! I was SO excited! Made me feel like the first sale wasn't just a fluke. I will keep pushing on.
Boyfriend was out of town, came back on Sunday and I was able to spend more time than usual with him, so that was really nice. He fixed my birdhouse for me - what a guy! He's great about any heavy lifting I request of him and he asks so little in return. I think I'm gonna keep him!
The boyfriend, JD, also helped me out BIG - with a printer. My base PC died and along with it - the ability to use my old printer with the laptop network we have going here. How sad is it - that when I want to talk to my son the quickest way to get a response is to IM him - when he is in the back of the house and I am in the front? My daughter was in her room one evening and needed to ask him a question, so she picked up her cell phone and called HIS cell phone - again, he was in the back part of the house.
We are fairly wirelessly spoiled here, and then to all of a sudden lose the ability to print was a blow! Now I can print again, thanks to JD - THANKS JD! - and I can copy and fax and I think it may cook dinner for me, I'll have to check. Oh I hope so, I'm not one for cooking very often.
Oh - today I learned how to add the HTML script to put my "mini-etsy" here on my blog. I had gone into Forums on Etsy - and stumbled across a thread about mini-etsy and how to do it. I didn't even know what it was - but I decided to try it anyway! Now - you can see my awesome jewelry pictures and connect to Etsy by clicking on one of those pictures - right here! I wonder how long it will be - before all these little things don't excite me anymore. Hmmmm.
Tomorrow - back to the daily grind. After a while I start to feel at loose ends without work though, so I guess it's a good thing. I wouldn't have minded one more (or 2) day(s) though. :)