Sunday, May 6, 2007

Quick Note

Just a quick note here. The thing about the pot holders - well - there is another Etsy seller who wants 20 of my pot holders. 20!! And I suspected I might not sell any. She wants to make something else out of them which is fine by me, and she really seems like a darling girl. So - if she likes the pot holders - and likes what she makes out of them - I may be her pot holder source. Too funny when I put those pot holders on Etsy on a whim. !!! You just never know. :)

On another subject - I made a few of the new bracelets I was thinking about, haven't quite made one I am entirely happy with - but I DO like the one's I've made. They are available in my shop now. I plan to keep on working toward the perfect BetteJo's chunky colorful bracelet!

Have a wonderful evening!