Thursday, May 24, 2007

Really Needs Some Work!

Okay. I edited every post today, went through and took the italics off - I like the look but it is harder to read. Changed the font entirely, changed some of the colors. Trying to make things a bit more uniform.

Found an Etsy shop I would LOVE to add - not so much because I want to be more commercial - but because her artwork is just plain pretty!! I commented on her blog, if I don't hear from her I will convo her to ask permission. Ask permission and then ask how the heck to DO it! I don't want to just do a link - I want to add her mini-etsy so it includes pictures. I think I may have to get her Html from her. Anyway, maybe that's what I will do. When I see shops that have things I think are just really pretty - I will ask permission and see if I can add them to my sidebar or whatever you call it. After all - I like pretty things.Before I became obsessed with beads, I was obsessed with searching the Internet for pictures to make screen savers with. For my own use, I would store them in a folder, and choose between them according to my mood. I still have them - just don't rotate them as much. I have things like 'landscapes', 'art', 'manmade', 'food', 'flowers', and Italy. I am going to put on a few of my Italy pics - they are SO pretty and interesting. I have so many pictures of Italy that I had to go through and totally cut them in half. The amount that is. Kept only my favorites, which may not be what other people like. I have the traditional cathedrals and statues, the vatican of course, but I also have things like this pic of a storm rolling in - in Tuscany. Beautiful!

I also love this pic of a cemetary, it's so different from what I would see anywhere that I am familiar with. Looks better in a larger form, but it still has a presence.

Well - I will have to search and play and make mistakes but I really want to make this blog more readable. Prettier. I was glad to see as I clicked on different blogs today - that I saw all kinds - from blogs that are all about their artwork or crafts - some that are all about their lives. Some that are a mixture of both. That's what I want mine to be, a good mixture. I don't know how to write JUST about my jewelry. So to keep it me - I need to write about both. Still - I really need to shine it up and make it all pretty.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
OH!! I got my beautiful magnets (suddenly distracted by a thought!!!) today - Abbie Road made them for me. The link is to the left. She was easy and wonderful to work with and the product is great too. She did my banner as well! I was so excited to get that envelope today - she doodled on it and made it fun to receive. I like them so much I don't know if I want to ship them put as freebies! I'm having some business card magnets made - maybe I will keep these Abbie Road magnets for handing out personally. The others will weigh less and be less expensive to ship anyway.

Time to go, other things to do and I'm sleepy! Early for me!
Have a great nite!