Sunday, April 10, 2011

Procrastinating and hating

I have stuff to do.  But I sat down to eat a sandwich and was surfing a bit.  I came across a slide show - Stars Who lost their looks.  WTH??  I clicked through it and it occurred to me how incredibly mean our society is.  I mean - I can be as snarky as the next gal when it comes to how people look or dress.  But an entire slide show dedicated to just being mean?  Sheesh!  

And really, some of it are people who have the audacity to age naturally, the NERVE of those people!  And then of course there are the people who went over the top with plastic surgery in order to avoid aging.  Or what about the person who is coming out of the gym with no makeup and a funny look on their face?  Does that constitute losing one's looks?  Ugh.

Just thought I'd mention how much I hate the emphasis put on looks in this society.  It's gotten to the point where normal aging is looked upon as abnormal because no one in Hollywood is doing it and they appear to be our role models.

They shouldn't be.

Okay, now I have to go get stuff done.  It's 84 degrees today - didn't we have snow last week?  But a big windy storm seems to be blowing in so I have to stop stalling and get a move on.  




Teena in Toronto said...

I'm so easily distracted ... oh, look at that!

Stimey said...

Amen. No one on TV or in the movies or in a magazine looks like a real person. It's appalling.

Lady Banana said...

Dolly Parton was on tv just now, she looks weird.. I'd rather get old naturally!

Lara said...

According to whoever made the slideshow, apparently gaining weight = losing looks. I disagree. I will say, however, that a number of people appear to have lost their ability to make reasonable fashion/hair/makeup choices. But that's just my opinion.

cindy said...

I think too much emphases is put on what we look like. After I walked around with my foot in my mouth for a year when I asked my sister in law if she was not feeling well, she said, "no I'm fine, you just never have seen me without makeup." Now I don't look anymore.