Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's a long shot ..

.. but I would really like to see Abby stop being so aggressive.  The first and only, time she ever went to the vet was to get spayed.  Basically they had to wrap her in a towel and treat her like a feral cat because she can't be handled like any other house cat.  She doesn't walk around the house and just attack people.  But if she is perched somewhere and someone walks by - inside what she considers her territory or comfort zone, she swats or snaps at them.  She's like a cobra, and just as fast, I swear.  And she doesn't just nip to deliver a message, she bites down and I don't know how to explain it - only lets up a little to bite down harder, and she kind of grinds her teeth against bone she hits.  Sort of like someone plunging a knife and twisting it to do maximum damage.  


Mostly we have just given Abby her space, never forced affection on her, never tried to crowd her or make her interact if she doesn't want to.  But I would like her to enjoy being around people and other cats - or at least tolerate them better.  I am pretty sure she would be a candidate for kitty anti-depressants, yes they do give them to animals, but I really don't want to be on the giving end of anything that goes into her mouth.  Besides, thyroid meds for Riley are inexpensive.  Prozac for kitties?  A heck of a lot more.  At least I think so.  

Today I put a collar on Abby.  First one she has ever worn.  See that tiny bit of purple under her chin?  Yeah, collar.  Not sure how on earth I managed to do it without getting teeth marks in my skin - I can only guess that she simply had no idea what I was doing.  

It's a pheromone collar, designed to "calm" her.  They are recommended for cats with anxiety issues, separation anxiety, aggression .. AGGRESSION??  I'm IN!  Although I'm not sure they are meant for cats who just have tortitude, but I think Abby's disposition is a bit more than a tortie with an attitude.  From the testimonials I have read it takes at least a few days to as long as a week to see a difference and I am willing to wait.  If it works I will buy one every month for the rest of her life because it will improve her life, as well as sparing me some spilled blood.  Because I can't imagine she's a happy cat.  And I would like her to be.



Mahala said...

Let me know if it works! Kitty-Kitty two by four still has a vicious streak.

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Our kitty number 1 has catitude and I found this pheromone spray and a scent thing you plug in the wall it lets out pheromones slowly in the air..... we really needed when we introduced cat number 2... wow talk about hissing and hitting phew... made me nervous... those 2 things I swear worked... and now they play together well,altho she still has catitude towards him sometimes.Let me know how yours works out.

cindy said...

I thought those collars had cat nip in them? If she is like that most often this is who she is I'd say dont' mess with her. I didn't know of the antidepressants for cats. if the collar works let me know I have a cousin who could use one.

Teena in Toronto said...

She's a beauty! I hope it works for her.

Lady Banana said...

I really hope it works for her, keep us updated, can't be fun for her or anyone to be so angry all the time!

BetteJo said...

Diane - this is the same as those sprays or plug-ins, but in collar form. That way the relaxing whatever - goes with the cat.

And no, no catnip that I am away of. Whatever it is it is supposed to mimic the pheromone a mother cat puts out to calm her kittens.

Er .. or something.

Anonymous said...

Hope it works. Nothing worse than an unhappy kitty. Good luck.

Shaiha said...

Sorry about jumping in so late but another thing that you might try would be drops in her water. Try Rescue Remedy. That is what rescues use to take the edge off both cats and dogs. And it won't hurt the other members of the household.

Shaiha said...

Oh and it is on sale right now thru Amazon.