Saturday, December 27, 2008

Where all my neurosis come into play

I’ve been busy. Sorry I haven’t been here since Christmas but I have been preoccupied. See – I got a new laptop for Christmas. It was a complete surprise, I wasn’t expecting it at all. I’m not sure that expecting it would have made any difference, but I have been trying really hard to make the transition without melting down.

Remember me? The one who thinks there is a particular order to putting ornaments on a tree and who will spend hours searching for the right icon to use on my blog? If you recall it was an UP ARROW. Not an application or program, an ICON. So yeah. A new computer with none of my files, folders, or applications I have downloaded and paid for and configured … I’m melting …

I have decided that since my regular laptop is only ‘trying’ to die and isn’t dead yet, I can make this transition slowly and hopefully do it right. Moving things from one computer to another has been a challenge for sure, but with the help of some shared network files, a memory card, and some other things I’ve found, I’m making progress. I even made my wallpaper the same as my old laptop in order to keep from hyperventilating when I look at the new one.

There have been plenty of you who have gotten new computers and continue to blog without missing a step. Isn’t there anyone else out there who gets thrown for a loop by new things – even nice brand new shiny things with lots of memory and space and omg – speed?


On another note – I received the sweetest Christmas card from Heather, at Vanilla Hev’n. Christmas cards are always nice and all, but this one is handmade and one that I had admired on her blog. Plus - she lives in Australia! So, I received a lovely card all the way from there!!! How cool is that???

Thanks Heather!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that none of you are as neurotic as me!


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Stimey said...

It can definitely be stressful to switch over. My desktop was in the process of dying so I unwillingly switched full time to my laptop. And now I feel weird any time I have to use the desktop. You'll get used to the new one, I promise!

LadyBanana said...

I understand those stresses and dreaded the time I'd have to change over but I was thrown in the deep end when my laptop was stolen.. no switch-over possible just starting from scratch.. I racked my brain morning noon and night trying to remember all the little bits and pieces I had installed that made it "mine"

The Beading Gem said...

I don't remember the switch from desktop to laptop but when my laptop motherboard died recently, it was most inconvenient. It was hard to continue blogging on a temporary computer whilst it was under repair.

The Beading Gem said...
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Lavender said...

I HATE changes, HATE HATE HATE them...when did I get so rigid, anyway? LOL
But computer changes are big changes, I dont look forward to my next one, thats for sure!
Hang in there BetteJo!

Heather "Hev" said...

Hows the laptop going ?

You are welcome for the card - my pleasure :)