Wednesday, December 3, 2008

She's at it again!

Some of you may remember my daughter having a part in The Vagina Monologues last year. My son and I drove to her college town to see her performance and I believe I pronounced it "fabulous!!!" So I guess it should come as no surprise that Dani has decided to do it again this year.

I've never tried out for any kind of play or performance but apparently sometimes you don't try out for a particular part, you just try out and see what they give you. So yeah, Dani didn't choose her part this year, or last, but this year's part will be more challenging than what she did the first time. More challenging for her to do, and more challenging for a mom to watch. I think.

This year my darling daughter gets to feign about 10 consecutive orgasms of different types and duration, not to mention intensity, on a stage in front of not only her own mother, but her boyfriend's mother as well. Obviously there will be more to her monologue than that but, um, I'm pretty sure what part will get the most attention.

When she told me, all I could do was laugh. She seemed nervous about working it out, how she would do it. What was I going to say? Well Honey, do you want me to help you with your lines? Um, "Sweetie, I have some experience in this area, do you want to know. . ." uh .. NO.

There is a part of me that says - Honey make it as fake and as overdone and funny as you can because you know, otherwise it's kind of uncomfortable and just weird for a parent to see that. I know I know, it's ACTING. But you have to draw the portrayal from somewhere and . . well . . . hmmmm. There is something different about watching someone else in that role than your own daughter. Someone else it's just acting, when it's your own kid - it's private. Or something.

Don't get me wrong. I am not discouraging her at all, and if she wants me there I am sure I will be there. I just might be giggling more this year than last. Nervously. And I tell you what - if she does the part and does it well, I can only be proud of my daughter for successfully tackling a part many would find difficult to do.

But I must admit a bit of discomfort in that it's just a very weird act for a parent to witness. Act. I must remember that part. It's an act. I have till February to get used to the idea. Or - till February to get drunk, whichever works.

I love you Dani!


Diane of Crafty Passions said...

My daughter is so brutally honest sometimes I blush too, but then again its my own fault I always insisted on the truth, sometimes it bites me in the ass! haha

The Beading Gem said...

I'm not sure I could sit through a performance like that and not squirm! Let alone be the actor! It's going to be a really challenging role for Dani!

Laura said...

Good for your daughter, but poor you. I would not like to be so confronted with my daughter's sexuality. But if it comes down to her wanting you to be there, is there anything that says that for that part of the play you have to have your eyes open and your earplugs out of your ears?

PawHealer said...

wow its cold in your neck of the woods...burrrrr....and it sounds like to me like you and your daughter are getting to that great point where your becoming "friends"....that's pretty neat.