Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This is just plain dangerous.

I don't need anything to help me waste time. I can find a myriad of ways to be busy for hours at a time without actually doing a thing. I was doing a little bit of Stumbling tonight which is actually fairly rare. Unless I'm Stumbling pictures, but then I'm doing something. Anyway. I found this site this evening. It's dominoes. And it's simply easier to look at than to read about. Here is a link to my domino . . uh . . thingy. I'm in I.T. and just so you know, thingy is an acceptable technical term.
Go look. And then try it. It's kind of like certain potato chips. It's really hard to eat just one.


When you see the dominoes (it may take a minute), click play. But please don't blame me if you find an hour has passed and you don't know where it's gone. I have given you a fair warning.