Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sharing is caring, right?

The lights on the top half of my tree have gone out. And this year I followed all the rules, didn't string more than 3 strands attached to each other, yada yada yada. I am compulsive about this stuff, it's all I can do to not pull stuff down and start over. I guess it could be a new project! But - we will see. Right now I am trying to ignore it, stretching my panic reducing muscles.

I have mentioned several times that I do all of my shopping online and I thought I would give you a tiny run-down of some of my experiences.

1. Worst buying experience: Amazon - Yes they have everything. Yes, if you are looking for a book, a DVD, a blender, it's there. But I am tired of all these affiliates they have attached to them, causing the things you buy to be shipped from all over the place with separate shipping charges. Normally if I am shopping in at one place I try to make sure I buy everything I want from there at one time - so I get any kind of combined shipping they offer. It's just not that simple with Amazon anymore.

2. Best surprise of this shopping season: Meijer - Normally I wouldn't have thought to see if Meijer had a website, there is a store a few miles from here where I don't really shop. But I did an Internet search for a particular item and found it at - you guessed it - Meijer! The item is big, and it is heavy. The description said it was available at the store or the website and I thought - holy cow would I be a moron to pay that kind of shipping when the store is so close. Until I saw the "Free shipping on select orders - click for details". I clicked and was given a coupon code for free shipping if I used any form of a Mastercard. I don't have any credit cards, but my debit card is a Mastercard - bingo! So I was able to buy this large item and have it delivered to my door for no more than if I shlepped down to the store and braved the holiday masses for it. I was pleased.

3. Quickest shipping: Zappos - I bought a pair of shoes there at about 1:30 or 2:00am one Wednesday morning, and actually received the shipment - by 3:30pm THE SAME DAY. And the shipping was FREE. I'm not sure you can beat that.

Fun Finds this year:

perpetual kid - Found some cute stocking stuffers there

Economy Candy
- Found some great candy and didn't have to buy huge bulk amounts

B&H Photo and Video
- Bought some electronics, good prices and free and fast shipping

Oldies but goodies:
- Bought several things with either really low, or free shipping

See's Candies
- Not gourmet but good chocolate and reasonable prices - This time of year I always need something from here

Etsy - I bought several things from here this year

I can't mention anywhere else I shopped without giving away what I've bought, but these are some good places to shop. And I'm thinking you could probably buy from Zappos all the way up till 2 days before Christmas and STILL get it on time.

Of course, you can't buy everybody shoes, but I'm just sayin'.


JenK said...

Oooo. That's what I hate about Amazon too. I hate waiting for five packages from five locations. It's almost like ebay these days.

The Beading Gem said...

I wish you live in Canada - I would love to see a BetteJo review of Canadian online shopping!!

BetteJo said...

I've heard Canadian mail is um . . not the best. True?

Stimey said...

Zappos is totally the best.

PawHealer said...

A friend of mine had shoes from zappos (...anyway they are real cute. Going over there now to shop.

Your nuts about your tree by the way. Now how....isn't that what you told me about the crackberry?

Love the cat pics....but betcha wish ya had a dog...check out why on my blog.


BetteJo said...

I definitely am an idiot about my tree.