Friday, December 19, 2008

Please bear with me.

I am attempting to post using Windows Live Writer to see what it has to offer me. I'm hoping it will allow me some more leeway with fonts and underlining, etc. But we will see, I suspect that for anything I gain - I will lose something equally important.

Yesterday I mentioned that some of the lights on my tree had gone out. Being me, I could not ignore it for long. I did the usual walking around the tree shaking the string, wiggling bulbs, etc, to no avail. I tried snaking the offending strings of lights off the tree from under the ornaments and other lights, wasn't going to happen.

Oh yes I did.

I took every single ornament off the tree. I took off almost all of the lights. I started over. I finished at about 9:30 in the evening. ALL the lights are working now. ALL of them. And they will stay that way.

On another note, it is cold here. We got some good snowfall today and it's just under freezing. But tomorrow it's supposed to get down to 2. 2 degrees. Single digits. Single digits really close to zero. Br-r-r!! Which gives me an excuse to post a picture (testing Windows Live Writer again) of old man Riley cat and Norah cuddling on the couch. Or . . . Riley using Norah as a pillow, your call.


Interesting. Has anyone else posted from Windows Live Writer? I am curious to hear what your experiences were, what it has to offer, etc. Because so far - I'm not impressed.


LadyBanana said...

Cute cats, nice they have each other..

I looked a WLW some months ago and decided to leave it.. I don't remember much about it but I didn't think it was worth it..

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

That is the cosiest kitty picture! I offer you my deep sympathies about the bad bad lights.

Bev's Jewelry said...

I still remember looking for the "one" bulb that was out on a string of lights when I was very little. My Dad had some sort of a tool that you could use next to each bulb to find the culprit. I was impressed then and even more now that I realize what the real problem was. Glad they don't make strings of lights like that anymore.
Right now hoping it will stop snowing for awhile. I think we are up to 12-14 inches easy. Starting to rain which makes me worry about freezing rain. Enought negative stuff - it looks lovely out right now. Bev

The Beading Gem said...

Yes, I have dabbled with Windows Live Writer some time ago. I wasn't impressed either as I didn't see any major benefits except to avoid Blogger's jumpy software.