Friday, December 12, 2008

Another day, another scandal.

Seems like I've been busier this week than I usually am, but I don't think I have been really. I got my tree finished, did the usual stuff I do around the house which is not much on a daily basis, haven't even had to fight with or chase the cats away from the tree much!

Honestly though, I think I'm already exhausted
by this Illinois Governor scandal. Ugh. Our wee little *governor apparently thinks there is a price tag attached to anything and everything, and besides that - he thinks he is some sort of little king. After being taken out of his home in handcuffs Tuesday morning, attending a hearing in the afternoon and then being released, Wednesday morning he kissed his wife good-bye and went to work at the State of Illinois building.

Like nothing had happened.

Because in some ways, I guess nothing did. Politics in Illinois has
always been a game for the big boys, and what Blagojevich lacked in stature he made up for in "testicular virility". His words. But when you've got a lot of nerve without a lot of smarts, and you possess more greed than the average bear, you're bound to get in trouble. Even in Chicago. There is always a politician under investigation but holy hell if you know the feds have been looking at you for years - do you extort money from hospital executives and try to force a newspaper executive to fire some people you don't like - on the phone?? In this digital age? Do you, oh my God, try to SELL the PRESIDENT-ELECT's Senate seat????? Anywhere?

I would like to believe politics in my state can be cleaned up. I can hope it will happen. But Chicago politics has reached the point of being absurd. While the State's Attorney is going before the Illinois Supreme Court trying to get the governor removed from office, and others are calling for his impeachment - at this point all I am really wondering is - who will play Blagojevich on Saturday Night Live this week?

Cause you know it's gonna happen.

* I don't even know if Blagojevich is a tiny man. The way he talks always made me think of munchkins.


Lavender said...

...still pretending Im Canadian.....Love the christmas lights at blog-top - great idea!!!