Monday, June 2, 2008

Time marches on ...

I love me a good widget. Can’t seem to help myself, part of it is the hunt. I love to search for things. Whether I’m looking for pictures to use in my personal screensavers, tools or widgets for my blog or new desktop themes and icons, I am always on the prowl. Today, prompted by a comment on my last post, I went on the hunt again.

The comment led me to this person’s profile, which led me to think about being “middle aged.” Not in a bad way – the comment was positive and so is this lady’s blog. Nice to meet you, finally another approaching middle aged woman admist all these young mommie (still love reading them) blogs. Yes! I am! Middle aged I mean. Kind of.

When I was a kid people my age now - were OLD. Period. And I would hear people say how they just didn’t feel old, and I never quite understood. How could they not feel old when they so obviously were??

So yeah, at work sometimes my co-workers and I will look at each other and laugh, realizing we are discussing our aches and pains and doctor’s appointments instead of what we did over the weekend, but I do not feel anything like what I imagined I would at this age. I’m not quite ready for adult diapers yet. Well, maybe if I was forced to do jumping jacks with a full bladder, but otherwise, no.

Tonight I went for a walk with my daughter. We walked to a nearby park that has a walking (running?) path and started walking at a fast pace (for me) and talking. After circling maybe 4 times it started to rain. Thank.God. We headed home with her saying how she felt like she hardly had any exercise at all, and me? I was sweaty and winded and perfectly happy with our 20 minutes.

With age – comes perspective.

My new widget is counting down the days until my 50th birthday. I know, right? How the heck did that happen? Where did the years go, how did the time fly by so quickly? Right now I am defiantly 40-freakin’-9 and next year – the big 5 – 0. Pretending to be something other than what I am seems counter productive; it only delays the inevitable realization that I am not 22 anymore. I have never lied about my age, even when a young guy at work looked at an old picture of me and said (in his youthful ignorance) “wow BJ, you were hot!”

He never saw that knee coming.

So my new widget is all about embracing who I am, where I am, and looking forward to the 2nd half of my life. I invite you to count down the days with me and when you look at that widget I hope it reminds you that every day it counts down is one less day you have to find that totally perfect gift for my upcoming milestone birthday!


jenk said...

Heh. I was just thinking the other day about how when I was 17 I had a friend that was 26. I thought he was ancient! I always felt so sorry for him. All old and constantly reminded of his oldness while hanging out with his young friends.

Uh... Yah.
It took me three years past this milestone to realize that high school kids look at me the same way now. Gah.
Am. Idiot. Send help.

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Yep, I'm counting will turn 5-0 on Sept. 20th this year, and I still consider myself hot! Except when I do stupid totally un-cool stuff to embarress my kids, and they roll thier eyes. Congrats on your post! I'll be back! Can't let the under 40 crowd rule the blog-o-sphere! GAH!

P.S. I too do not feel any different than I did in my twenties. I'd say 18, but that would be a lie, I was stupid as hell at 18, but Wicked Cool...or so I thought.

Gemheaven said...

lol thats the thing I don't really feel any different but I sure as hell am starting to look older :(

palette48 said...

I just saw Steve Miller performing on PBS and thought wow this guy looks old! His music was big when I was in high school and college. Then I realized I had aged right along with him! Some of these rockers that I knew growing up are now grandpas. It's just so hard to accept that we are all getting that old!

BetteJo said...

It's very surprising to get here - and find out it's not much different than the year before - and the year before that -

LadyBanana said...

I hit the big 5-0 last January and still feel a bit uncomfy saying that as I still think I am about 22.. LOL

But I am trying to get used to it, after all not everyone makes it to 50, it should be seen as a privilege!

Hev said...

I always laugh at "you dont look your age" I mean is there a manual saying what you should look like.... needless to say I am 34 and feel 500 at times.. just depends on the day

PawHealer said...

I don't even ask people anymore how old they think I am, because even if I look longer than my age, I'm still old to them....

52! wowser, and I thought 50 felt like I was up there.

By the way, someone clicked on my widget from your site and is ordering a cat formula.

How is Riley?

BetteJo said...

I guess age is a privilege - but not all of the changes that come with it are!
There certainly ARE days when I feel 500 too - not sure that I have too many when I feel 16 though. Maybe 30.
Holly I'm so glad someone found you through my blog, thats great! Riley is a wonder-kitty of course. Fighting me all the way!