Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brownies, mud mask, and shopping

I’ve written about how I am an online shopper. I will shop online for almost anything I find myself in need of on the internet. The packages get delivered right to your door, what else could you ask for??

But sometimes I do have to leave my house. Sometimes people make me. Like my daughter. She just keeps asking me until it becomes and assumption and then I am doing it. Today? We went to the mall. Have I mentioned how much I hate the mall? Arg-g-h-h-h!!!

Dani has a wedding to go to and needed a dress and shoes and I was quite impressed with how she managed to find some wonderful things and squeezed those sales until they squeeled. She’s a very good shopper.

While we were there I looked around a bit for a birthday I need to find something for but I start to get hives after a while and just have to leave. The mall and I are not friends.

Arriving home I hopped on the computer and while not finding anything for the birthday I was shopping for – I did find something I didn’t buy – but somebody ought to! I’m one of those people who always grabs the brownie that has at least one chewy edge if I can’t get a corner piece that has 2. I love me some chewy edged brownies. While shopping I found a store named Solutions. And this store has a brownie pan to die for. I hardly ever bake – too many cats and I can’t think of a time when I actually NEED a pan of brownies in my house. If I WANT a pan of brownies – it probably is not a time I should have them.

Now THAT'S a brownie pan!! Every piece is an edge piece, yum!!!

Oh and this? This is what happens when a cat has to check out the mud mask on my face before it's dry.


You just know that later he had to lick that off his nose. Yuk!


Mahala said...

Mebbe he felt he needed a little mud treatment of his own?

MsCatCalls said...

or maybe he thought you had brownies on your face ?
Great pictures , Im tempted by the cake tin too , I make brownies at least once a week , would be worth it if I could get it delivered here ... hmm probably not ?

Stimey said...

I have seen this brownie pan. But I am a staunch believer in the middle of the pan brownies. Clearly we should be eating brownies together.

LadyBanana said...

I love to buy stuff online but working means I'm never home for delivery so unless it's a company willing to deliver to another address it's no good for me.. So I have to go shopping..

Mollyfa said...

Yes, but you know when he licked it off, the pores on his nose were so much cleaner and less noticeable.

And I am with Stimey, I love the center brownies. Still, a cool idea for you edge lovers.

BetteJo said...

Let's face it - I will eat the brownies regardless of what part of the pan they came from! But I do love me some chewy edges.

If I had to be home for every delivery, I would never get anything. No, my packages are left on my porch.

LadyBanana said...

Round here if stuff got left on the porch it probably wouldn't be there when I got home!

You must live in a nicer area :)

The Beading Gem said...

Oooh, that's a great brownie pan. I bet it solves a lot of issues in some families over who gets the edge pieces. We're the "don't care sorts" because it is such a HUGE treat when I actually get around to making some!

Pawhealer said...

You know I'm a sucker for Riley cute.

He has bedroom eyes.....what a lover!

Jenk said...

I saw that pan over at NotMartha a while ago. I covet that pan.

I haven't bought it yet because I'm afraid all my hard WW work would be lost if I did.