Thursday, August 30, 2007

I love this!

Ever see something and know immediately you had to have it? I was clicking around and found a blog called It's The Little Things. I fell in love with this necklace the moment I saw it and ordered one right away. You ever order something and when it comes in the mail - it's even better than you expected? I did! I love this necklace! I know gushing like this makes this sound like a sponsored post or some such thing but it's not. I simply bought something from jewelry designer Lisa Leonard, and I am that pleased so I thought I would pass it on. Especially since there are so many Mom bloggers out there, although you can put anyones names on these tags that you'd like to! Here's some pics of mine, but if you go to her blog she photographs her jewelry much better than I do (with no cat hair), and you can read about her husband and 2 beautiful boys as well.

I really should have asked for this for Christmas, but I just couldn't wait that long!


PawHealer said...

Cute Stuff....Wish I was that creative...I like your new header.very nice.

The Family Jewels said...


It looks fabulous!

Guess what!!! I'm back and finally posted!

Have a fantastic weekend!

palette48 said...

I love the necklace. That might be a great gift for a friend of mine.