Saturday, August 11, 2007

I love my reader!

I love Google Reader! I am sure the other readers out there are wonderful too but Google Reader is the one I tried and have been using since the day I read that Brillig over at Twas Brillig "zeroed out her Google Reader." I was like, huh? That sounds interesting, I need to check it out.

That is how I have found out almost everything about blogging, by reading blogs and clicking on whatever they have to click on, on their blogs. I have found slide shows and blog logs and site counters and on and on. But Google Reader is the best thing I have discovered so far.

I'm sure I am last to the party on this one, but oh my gosh this thing is a miracle worker! It saves time for me, I don't have to go through my list of daily blogs and click on each one a few (okay several) times a day to see if there are new posts. I don't have to keep up with my every once in a while blogs - manually. Google Reader has allowed me to add blogs to my reading list and while I know it's not as many as some people, I think 46 blogs are a lot to keep up with!!!

Right now looking up at the top of my screen I see that a new post has been picked up and as soon as I am done with this I will click over and read it. The reader is allowing me to be a functioning addict, not one that is tied to my computer all of the time. I can do some other things knowing that my reader is keeping track of all my reading and I can count on it implicitly. Oh yay. Sigh-h-h. If only everything else in my life were as reliable, I would be a happy lady. Now I need to go see who has posted. Oh who am I kidding - I clicked over to see right away - so now I am just going back to read the post I know is there. And doing it very happily. :)


AmandaD said...

I am always delighted when you stop by, encouraging, warm and witty!

BetteJo said...

Thanks Amanda, I LOVE reading your blogs!

nutmeg said...

I've been meaning to set up Google reader for weeks - must. do. today.

Day Dreamer said...

Okay, I'm clueless...but I'm going to find have so many to read and try and try to keep up...but my addiction is costly in time and more time!

Thank you! See, you're not the last in the party!

The Lone Beader said...

I love Google Reader, too. I'm gonna add your blog to mine=:)