Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I am putting this up here again because I pushed it off the top way too quickly with my electricity rant. This is too important to let sink quite so fast.

This is WhyMommy. She is a beautiful, young, incredibly articulate woman, wife, and mother. And she has breast cancer. That, of course is not all that defines her but right now it is the unwelcome focus of most of her days.

She has a type of breast cancer most of us know very little about called IBC or inflammatory breast cancer. WhyMommy writes about it here, she can explain it much better than I.

Please read her article. Then, say a prayer for WhyMommy and her family and tell her story to everyone you know. I managed to get to 48 years old never having heard of this kind of cancer and I am sure there are many many people like me out there. We need to educate ourselves and we need to support each other. Thank you WhyMommy, for telling your story and sharing your struggle with us. I'm praying for you.


nutmeg said...

I'll be posting to her too! Thanks for getting the word out.

useless_rambler said...

Or, you could just be like me and not ever update your blog, so as to make sure it will be on top :p

I have *got* to find time this weekend to make a post. I feel less guilty since it means WhyMommy message stays up there.

On that note, tho, I got to wear my 'Team WhyMommy' t-shirt the other day!!! Got some way-too-cute pink sneakers to match, too!!! I was stylin'!!! HA!!! I'll try to snap a pic next time I have it on and maybe that'll be in my next post (if I ever get around to that!!!)

Still enjoying.... ;)

BetteJo said...

nutmeg - I felt bad that I knocked WhyMommy off the top because I got all petulant. Needed to put her back up there.

useless rambler - yeah - I've been wondering when you were thinking about posting again! I suppose your 'excuse' is pretty good tho, I mean, who can argue with it? :)
..and pictures are always good!

Day Dreamer said...

Bettejo, I keep meaning to put whymommy up and haven't yet.

But I will.....

Amanda said...

Prayers sent, hopefully received.

The Family Jewels said...

Thank you for posting her brave story. She and her family are in our prayers.

Jenn said...

Thank you for pointing people to her story. I for one have never heard about that kind of breast cancer and detection. The more we share her story, the more educated the rest of us will become.

Thanks again.