Saturday, September 1, 2007

A few things..

My office is moving. We are moving toward the end of September, from one suburb to another, to a building that is hopefully cleaner and less cramped than the one we are in now. My commute will stay between 6 and 7 miles, but the traffic may be heavier to the new location. Not being great at change, I am trying to keep an open mind.


My appointment for my upcoming breast ultrasound is Wednesday the 5th of September. Still not time to worry yet.


Checked my insurance website today to see recent claim activity and discovered that my recent trip to the dermatologist where absolutely nothing was done cost $135.00. Now that's a racket I want to be in. I can get really good at saying mm-m-m too. I'm going to start practicing now.


My daughter is home from school for the weekend and I suspect that will result in haircuts for both of us and a little bit of shopping. She seems to be mentioning Ikea. I'm being told it is the mother ship for all things dorm-like.


My ex-husband is getting married again. Mentioned to me if I would like to go somewhere warm in October, I am welcome to come. Hmm-m-m.
Dang, that's just a weird invitation! But then again, I do enjoy most favored ex-wife status as I am the ex that did not try to rake him over the coals or flay the very flesh from his bones. I'm just sayin'.


Last but not least, my strong like bull BF finally gave up the ghost and got a troublesome joint worked on and is recovering nicely. Very nicely. Love you Honey.



Nesting Momma said...

sounds like you have a lot going on. I wish a great move! I am at Etsy too with Blessed Nest. Thanks for stopping by my other blog! Will be back to read more!

Lavender said...

Ikea - Mother Ship - ROFL!!! Hope your BF is healing nicely and that you had a great weekend with your daughter!

Honeysuckle Rose said...

Watch out in Ikea .... the furniture looks soooo cool in the showroom, then when you get your purchase home, it hits you; YOU have to put it all together and the instructions are in Danish or something.

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Great updates! Ohh Ikea. It's great, but make sure you have a friend to help you with assembly – someone who doesn't mind a bit of swearing ;)