Monday, August 20, 2007

two phone calls and one email from school

She simply cracks me up.

Subject: My Stuff

My room is getting situated and my fridge will be delivered tomorrow. Can you pass the message on to Andy that if he's still up to it, he should come tomorrow, but also let him know that I don't get out of class until 3:15? I was hoping you could stockpile a few things for Andy to bring, just cuz, well, you'll be better at it than him. Also, I'll be checking my email daily, I'm sure, but probably with less frequency as usual, as I have to use the computer room, and its really. freakin. hot. in here.

Please gather:

1.) MORE HANGERS! like, you can open my wardrobe and take all of those, and if there are any laying around my floor or whatever
2.) GRANDMA'S QUILT--located in the back left corner of my room on my laundry basket
3.) PINK SHINY PILLOW--on my floor
4.) ROLLER BLADES--In the front room already
5.) BLUE BENCH--in garage
6.) BLUE TABLE--also in garage
7.) BENCH CUSHION--in front room
8.) MORE FAT QUARTERS--not neccesary, but I've been making great use of them--If you feel like, send a few of different patterns on, no preference really.

And then I was wondering if you could do me a favor--a leafy favor. There are no house plants in this town! I went to Walmart and they only had outdoor plants. =( I really wanted some life in my room, and really wanted like, at least one big leafy plant--something... in a pot... with leaves... that you water? LOL It really perks up a dorm room, I think. If you wouldn't mind going and finding me a plant, that would be MAJORLY awesome and I would MEGA appreciate it.

Have Andy call me plleeeeeease. You can call my cell if you need me, I'll probably be out of class by 1:30 today. Thank you for helping with my stoof.
Love and kisses,


*wraps arms around myself* - she still needs me. :)


Lavender said...

Hahaha Bettejo - thats some list shes sent - too cute! "something... in a pot... with leaves... that you water..."
Shes a cutie!

BetteJo said...

lavender - obviously we have never had too many plants. Not since I poisoned my cat. :(

Mahala said...

Heh.. "stoof" She sounds a lot like the Amazon :)

palette48 said...

How sweet! I, too am getting the phone calls from my son. He had an easy first day of classes, not too much homework yet.

I found out that he was not checking his mail and so my poor cookies that I sent have been sitting there in the office untouched. I had to get on him about checking mail,email and etc. I guess my motherly duties have not ended.

BetteJo said...

Mahala - it's funny cause that's how she writes notes - but not really the way she talks. That's why it makes me laugh!

Palette - Oh no! Not your cookies! My daughter's fridge got there today and my son is on his way down there right now to bring her "the list". :) Yes, we are still needed.

Jessica said...

That is classic!