Saturday, March 26, 2011

Still tired and still confused and upset about Jason's kid!

Last night was the second sleep study and it was different from the first in that the technician I had was more experienced than the first, and knew all the tricks to making the 592 wires (of course that is either approximate or wildly exaggerated) less obtrusive.  She ran wires under my pajamas so they weren't as easy for me to get caught up in and made it easier to turn over and generally get into a more comfortable position.  Her name was Janet and I cannot tell you what self restraint it took on my part to not say "damn-it Janet" lest I use the reference she has probably heard every day since Rocky Horror came out.

This time I slept using the cpap machine, forcing humidified air into my nose all night.  Once I got past my initial twinge of claustrophobia (the only air I can breathe is coming through this mask and I'm not sure it feels like enough ...!) I was fine.  A friend of mine uses one of these and says that she frequently wakes up with the mask on the floor next to the bed or on the pillow next to her head so I was surprised I slept with it on my face with little difficulty all night.

I took a sleeping pill when I got there which I'm sure helped me fall asleep, but it apparently still took me a good 4 hours before I got into REM sleep.  I don't know what any of it means, I have to wait for the pulmonologist to review the results to see what the recommendations are.

I don't expect miracles but I would like to feel rested - at least some of the time.  Came home and napped for a good part of the day, now I have a headache and am all stuffed up after watching some episodes of General Hospital from last week that made me cry, cry, and cry some more.  Y'know they have pulled this before, killing somebodies kid so another kid can be saved because of the miracle of their friend giving one of their organs to their child .. but this time the kid who died was Jason's.  Jason doesn't cry.  So when Jason cried, I cried.  A lot.  Sheesh.

Going to go to bed early and sleep some more so I can get some things done tomorrow.  The weekend is never long enough.



thotlady said...

When I had my sleep test, I don't think I slept at all at the sleep clinic.

I wake up exhausted most mornings. I have decided it is my fate and to except it.

I can't nap, because then I don't fall asleep at night. If I don't get my sleep I cannot function at work.

Such is life.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of the restraint you used (the whole not saying "damn it Janet, I probably would not have been that strong) and I really hope that you get some answers from this. And with those answers some relief.