Monday, March 21, 2011

Feedback, what's it to ya?

I'm likely to offend some or many but since many do not read this blog I will retract that part of the statement.  Let's talk about feedback.


When I buy something from eBay or Etsy I leave feedback after I receive my purchase.  I may not be incredibly quick about it, but I always do it.  The way I look at it, if I sell you something and you like it I would love to know.  But I do not see feedback as a requirement and I do not request it.  Feedback should be given willingly, not because someone has sent you an email suggesting you might have forgotten to leave feedback for them.  WTF???  Since when do people ask others to say nice things to them?  It's just weird.

Plus, if someone buys something from me, I go and give them feedback right away.  As long as they have paid me really, that is all that is expected of a customer, right?  So I give them feedback thanking them for immediate payment, great communication, simple transaction, whatever nice thing I feel like at that moment.  I've never said anything bad about a customer.  But what about those sellers that wait until you receive the item you have purchased from them before they leave feedback for you?  So ... I'm guessing if you leave them a bad comment like "This thing I bought is an ugly piece of trash" they will reciprocate in kind?  I mean, why else do they wait?  And why should the 2 things be tied together? 

If you are a seller and a customer purchases and pays, you leave them feedback.  If you are a buyer and receive your item you leave feedback.  Sellers shouldn't wait until they see the buyers feedback, and if the seller does not receive feedback - I just don't think it's cool for them to email to remind a customer to leave it.

Maybe I am sensitive about this because admittedly I'm not always prompt leaving feedback.  I know it and I'm sorry, OKAY?  But asking someone for feedback kind of negates the legitimacy of it.  Doesn't it?  And for a seller to wait until the buyer leaves them feedback - means they are not commenting on what a good customer the person is to pay right away which all I ever expect (c'mon - the customer is always right, right?) but are commenting on what kind of comment THEY get.

PPfffffttttttttt!  It's just all so much bad manners.  Or something.

It annoys me.  Can you tell?

I will say though, it happens much more on eBay than Etsy.  Just sayin'.  But wherever it happens it just burns my butt.  

Rant over, please return to your regularly scheduled programming.  Thank you for listening.



Stimey said...

I agree. I have only left feedback as a buyer, but I almost always leave my feedback before they leave feedback about me. Shifty.

Anonymous said...

Once after a problem with something I bought and communications with the seller that did not resolve my issue, I gave not so good feedback. I got an e mail from the seller asking me to remove it...I didn't and I won't purchase anything from them again. I couldn't believe they would ask me to take it off. What is the point of feedback if you don't learn from it??? I always try to leave honest feedback based on the product and service I receive. That is what I would expect.

Teena in Toronto said...

I've only been an ebay buyer and I always leave fabulous feedback if I'm happy.

Lara said...

Feedback should always be optional - no one should be poking at you to give feedback if you haven't yet. I agree with you on this 100%.

Lady Banana said...

I've never given anyone feedback, but then I've never bought or sold anything on one of these sites. lol

I would like to sell stuff but just don't have time to get to a post office in working hours!