Monday, March 28, 2011

Another day another poop in my shoe.


Adorable, right?
I've had a headache all day, and upon walking in the door from work what do I find?  Cat puke in the exact same spot I have been working on to getting the stain out from the 4362 OTHER times it has been puked on, and if that wasn't bad enough?  As I side-stepped the puke to go into my bedroom so I could at least change my clothes before I cleaned it up, what gift was waiting for me in there?  Yep.  Riley pooped in my new slippers.  My cute sheepie slippers.  

So, I was mad, right?  Get away from me Riley, you think I'm feeding you right this minute?  You've got another thing coming.  I turned on my computer and started to read my email.  

Apparently not a good idea.

Today was not the day to read an email from a family member who shall not be named - ever - forwarded to me.  Apparently she .. he/she is not happy with the speed in which my mother's estate is being settled.  Estate, that's funny!  

Well .. let's just say my email in response was basically about how we might be genetically related but that's about all I'll ever admit to and how I thought it might be a good time for him/her to eff off and never contact me again.  

The sad thing is, I meant it.

To work off some anger and aggravate my headache (I didn't say I make the smartest decisions) I decided to go for a walk.  Wow!  Something positive, not self destructive or cruel to small animals but uh .. did I mention it's only 29 degrees here?????  

Tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be better ..



Anonymous said...

That estate stuff sucks. My husband is going through the same thing right now. I don't think he will ever speak to several of his siblings again. It's sad to say the least. And yes, tomorrow will be better.

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Hi !
I know what you mean when you say cat stain....yuk... I have a little guy with a delicate tummy....what are you going to do.... Try Woolite carpet cleaner ,it comes in a spray foam can I swear it works miracles I have light carpets and cat puke really shows this stuff will take it out in one or tweo applications I am talking gonezo !
Sorry to hear about the greedy relative,that's just terrible,I know all about that subject....
I am ok just going through the motions really,funny it hits me now more than when I first lost him, I am in a real funk,can't wait for summer an d sunshine.\went to see a surgeon today he informed me both my knees are finished on e worst than the other... oh joy... now \i am looking at surgery... yikes....always a mountain in my road in seems....
Take care

Lady Banana said...

Ughhh, I have similar problems with a pukey cat.. but so far she's not pooped anywhere she shouldn't..

So sad that relatives can't be nice to each other in these situations, but alas it's all too common that they fall out :(