Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cable, tags, and broken dishes.

Internet has been up and down here, cable company came out today and replaced the bad cable outside. Thank the Lord I thought my son was going to lose his mind.  I have projects going on, for real and in my head.  I'm working on doing a mosaic on a table-top, with broken ceramic tiles.  I bought the tiles a few years ago and finally decided to try the table.  Most people start with a trivet but I guess I'm not most people.  I'm not Charlie Sheen either, omg what's UP with that guy?  

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So I showed my office roommate at work some pics of the table and she said "it's pretty . . . um . . . aren't some of the pieces too far apart?"  Bitch.  Oops. Was that my outside voice?

Anyway, I realize I had no experience or pattern or idea what I was doing.  But it's mine and I like it.  And I will like it when it's done whether or not some of the pieces are farther apart then others - geez - it's made of broken dishes for goodness sakes!  

The other project is also a table, an end table I sanded (not sure I sanded enough but whatever) and have painted white.  Will sand it and paint it some more, and then I will do a collage on the bottom shelf, made out of tags I bought on Etsy.  If I like it - I may do a collage on top as well. Mod podge, doncha know. 

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I have a bunch of other things I want to do but I think my brain is way more active than my body is.  Still, gonna try to get some fun things done.

Tired of feeling guilty about not getting the dishes done, or the sheets washed or whatever else I should be doing.  This is about what I want to be doing.  I work hard all day (yes, I still have my job) so I can do some fun things when I get home.

Speaking of fun work tomorrow is the conference call we have every week that I melted down on last week. This week?  It's called MUTE.



Anonymous said...

If I could find my mute button, my life would be so much simpler. Hope there are no melt downs in your near future. And be sure and post pics of the tables.

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

I made a serving tray once with some gorgeous pieces of broken dishes, it looked ok ,I was not thrilled with it and gave it away.Left me with more bandages after I applied the goop to hold it all in place,bleed all over the darn thing I had to redo the last gooping to hide it all.It was my first and last attempt at that craft.
Such a damn long winter here.... looking forward to the color green, I dream of green !!

cindy said...

Troubled aha, I clicked on the go to shop and it enlarged the picture, it is ok that I didn't get to go somewhere because like you I'm braking dishes this week. A couple of years ago I had a number of mixed matched ones, plates that is, so I used them to line the garden edge with. I kept the table and still haven't done anything with it. Oh, the plates were for that table and they are in the garden.

Teena in Toronto said...

Sounds like a fun project!