Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stuff and such.

Is there a food that is like - the Holy Grail of foods for you?  Something you will search high and low for, eat three days in a row if given the opportunity?  Or for breakfast lunch and dinner for two days?  For me it was Stouffer's Noodles Romanoff.  Aw-w-e-s-o-o-m-mmmmmme.  (did I mention this wasn't a discussion of the best thing Grandma used to make?)  And then it was gone.  Every time I went to the store my feet dragged through the frozen section .. always hoping against hope .. but it was never there.  It was probably 3 years later that I finally wrote Stouffers a letter asking the fate of my wonderful noodle dish.  
They were so very sorry but - their Noodles Romanoff had been discontinued.  That's a forever thing folks!  I was inconsolable.  But like most things in life, you deal with it.  One foot in front of the other until it doesn't hurt so much.  After all, I still had Stouffer's French Bread Pizza!  Luuuurvve it!

So you can understand my panic after going through the Noodles Romanoff loss, when I wasn't seeing my French Bread Pizza in the stores all of a sudden.  Short of breath, near to tears .. each time I went to a grocery store and looked, fruitlessly .. I was so sad.

And then ... then ... out of the blue after about a 6 month drought ... THEY WERE BACK!!!  I pressed my nose against the glass freezer doors and cried.  Okay maybe I didn't do that part.  But I did buy 2 boxes and have also had jalapeno poppers (the cream cheese kind) for breakfast over the weekend.  Not sure why but those jalapeno poppers are really good for breakfast!

So I may not have my noodles, but there are several copycat recipes out there I might try, and for now I am content with my French Bread Pizzas and my jalapeno poppers.  Some things just have to be there, y'know?  Keeps my world smooooooothh and easy.

Eat up!  And enjoy!



Mahala said...

Stouffers Cream Chipped Beef, on toast.
That is all.

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

I will tell you as long as you dont laugh....
I dream of Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup I want it so much.... I never give into myself, that stuff is salty but ohhhh sooooo comforting to me ,it makes me all warm and fuzzy just to think of it...

BetteJo said...

Oh Mahala - I love that! My mom used to buy some other brand but when I started shopping for myself it was Stouffer's chipped beef all the way!

Diane - I cannot relate but I can see how it would be a comfort food. And I'd never laugh at you for that - I mean - I'm the one who thinks jalapeno poppers are breakfast food!