Saturday, October 23, 2010

I had the need.


I am on so many distribution lists at work it makes me want to scream.  But sometimes a distribution list in your email is actually needed. Or in your smart phone.  Like when you have an ill family member who you need to send updates out on.

I love Google.  I typed in "distribution list for iphone" and came up with this.  Downloaded it and 5 minutes later had a family distribution list called Mom/Grandma.

So yeah, she's on her way to the hospital as I type.  Going to get ready to meet her over there.  Again.  Try the app though if you have the need, it's super easy.

** Edited to add - just got back, Mom is back at the nursing home.  Even the doc and the nurse I spoke to at the hospital aren't sure why she was sent there.  I'd better check to see who owns that ambulance service!




Lady Banana said...

Looks like a very useful app! Isn't the iPhone just wonderful!