Friday, October 22, 2010

Meds! More Meds!!


Took the crabby old man cat to the vet today and let them drain as much blood as they wanted as long as they only charged me for the tests he really needed.  $112.00 later and that included 2 catnip (guilt) toys later we were on our way home.  You ever notice how doctors (and that includes vets) hold your medication hostage if you don’t go see them often enough?  Yeah.  Have to visit and have the right tests before you get one. more. pill.  What.ever.  So he’s up to date now.

DMy-DocumentsMy-Picturesair-c28Later I went to see my mom.  They’ve been messing with her breathing treatments lately which I don’t get.  She has emphy-freaking-sema for gosh sakes!  IT IS NOT CURABLE.  So lets not try to wean her off her breathing meds, okay?  Before I left she was coughing quite a bit so on my way out I spoke to the nurse, Andrew. I let him know about the cough and I was a bit concerned, and we discussed giving her cough meds before bed so she would be able to sleep.

Almost home and my phone rang.  It was Mom, anxious about not having her night meds yet (it wasn’t time yet) and wanting me to talk to her to distract her from her anxiety.  I pulled into the Walgreen’s parking lot and turned the car off, listening to my mom try to tell me something one word at a time.  Difficult.  I reached into my purse and took out an Ambien.  It WAS time for MY meds.  I took one and went into the store.
vehicle_232x186During the call Mom started coughing so badly and for so long that I hung up on her and called the nurses station and asked Andrew to run down the hall and check on her.  About 10 minutes later (at check out) Andrew called back, they were going to take her to the hospital.

My thought was “Crap, I’ve already taken my Ambien!”
I asked him to let me know when the ambulance got there to get her, then I would meet her at the hospital.  Instead of that call – I got the call saying they changed their minds, Mom was more calm, breathing better, and not coughing so much.  The doctor gave the nurses a standing order for the night – to call an ambulance to take her if need be, but she doesn’t seem to need it now.

Thank God! 

I’m not going to have to fight the Ambien or drive under the influence of it, or fall asleep in the emergency room showing just what a concerned daughter I am!

She’ll go back to the hospital again, I know.  I’m just glad it wasn’t this time.  Nite Ya’ll!