Friday, October 1, 2010

Shopping on Ambien

Wonder what I was thinking?

I know the evening primrose oil is for hair. A friend recommended it for my *sniff* thinning hair. But weight support? So far my legs are supporting my weight. It smells like cinnamon so it can't be all bad. But does anybody have any idea what blueberries have to do with brain support? Although I can use quite a bit of brain help these days.

But uh ... I, who have never dressed a dog in my life - must have been convinced the new grandpuppy needed a pair of jammies. Lilac jammies with little white fluffy sheep on them. Oh and maybe ..? Maybe a pink hoodie. Well - I AM a GRANDMA you know!!

But Ambien just seems to bring all that out. Aren't I just special!?



Anonymous said...

I think you are very special! And no one can resist dressing up cute little puppies...My 4 year old Cairn still gets sweaters and hoodies, cause he is just so cute! Mostly he stays embarrassed though.

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Can't go too far wrong with blueberries for just about everything, in this house we were recommended to take curcumin for memory,its the ingredient in curry,you can buy it in supplements, it can prevent alzheimers, who knew.....
My daughter is moving back to town( YIPEE) ..... ahem... yes its a wonderful thing.. hehe.. apparently I get to look after her 2 cats until she is settled... could take a few years she wants to go back to school.And I was just thinking about getting myself a little pet kitten... good thing I waited now I get 2 for the price of one and all trained.
I am hoping it will lift my perpetual know BetteJo its starting to dawn on me ,alone forever is a long long time and its very alone.I am not terribly fond of alone so far.
But in meantime I get to be a grandma to 2 sweet kitties,I already made them each a bed out of a pure 100% woolen blanket and foam insert, it will be a surprise when they get here.See I am a good cat Gramma ! LOL!

Lavender said...

But those outfits sound so CUTE! Maybe they were just too cute to not your pun weight support/legs - best laugh Ive had all day.
Tried B Complex for hair/nails?
Stay special!

thotlady said...

Hmmm...weight support, I don't need any help in that area. Brain support on the other hand I can always use.

Shaiha said...

Okay I want to see puppy pics.