Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Deny, Deny, Deny!

My boss called me today. "How are you doing BJ?"

"I'm fine - I start every week with a new attitude, didn't ya know?"

"Nah, I mean .. I know you have a lot to deal with right now here, and at home .. seems the last 3 weeks there's been a change."

Yeah. Yay me.

He's right though. Things have been rough at work lately, truly rough, I'm not the only one feeling it. I may be the only one who has started to cry and hung up on a conference call, loudly, last week though.

I've found that when my mom goes into the hospital I go on super-stress overload. And then once she is out of the hospital I am still back and forth to the nursing home getting her settled in her room again, everything just so, put where she can find it - or wants it. For days. After that I may need a week where I only visit 3 times to finally decompress, and by the end of that week I start to find some calm.

But there have been visitors too, visitors, hospital, and visitors.
When you have stress at home it would be really nice if you had a sweet and enjoyable job. And visa versa. Stressful job? It would be wonderful to have a peaceful and calm home.

BUT - that aint happening either place, anytime soon. And I vehemently deny that some kind of hellacious menopausal hormonal event was taking place at the same time - for the last few weeks. Uh uh. I did NOT cry at commercials or get angry at the sound of a voice. Nuh uh. Not me. I did not fervently crave Lucky Charms (okay, just the charms) or hot fudge applied to anything, either.

Because if I had had that much stress at home and work and in my body functioning - I seriously would have killed someone. Really.
And as long as you don't dig behind the garage - we'll be fine.

I'm feeling better, thank you very much.
Thanks for asking, Boss!



Anonymous said...

Well Just keep crying cause it does help. I am trying to accept that some things are just out of my control and try to move past them. But it's not easy to stay positive when everything seems to be falling apart. And I think that behind the garage would be a good place to put in a concrete patio. That should discourge any digging.

Teena in Toronto said...

That's so nice that your boss is concerned.

I read a couple years ago that we should all have a five minute cry every day whether we need it or not to get rid of stress. I found that interesting since I'm not a cryer.

JenK said...

I'm a firm believer in the healing powers of Lucky Charms (but just the charms, not the luckies.)

Denial is okay when it's an associate. At least you can come here and be honest. ((hugs))

ireneintheworld said...

I was a good girl until you mentioned Lucky Charms - now I'm off to get a bowl of sugar-frosted cereal and it's 1am and it's all your fault. :-)