Saturday, August 7, 2010

Can we talk about the bag?


People who know me know I will spend a whole day online searching for the perfect something, rather than running from store to brick and mortar store to find the same thing closer to home. I do as much shopping online as I can, but I search for the best deals. I found a glaring example of the differences today and frankly, I was a bit shocked.

Remember the bag? Thank you, yes it IS lovely. I originally found it at, somewhere I frequently search for a bag if I am in the market for one. I wanted a better price than $99.99 so I did a Google search for Tignanello, the brand, but also went to another shop I found recently called At I found the same bag for $67.16 with $6.96 shipping. Free shipping at ebags, but still a better deal at That is where I bought it.

Tonight, ever in search of the perfect bag - okay - I went outside my comfort zone and decided to try a bag with shorter double handles. Turns out I don't like it. I should have kept my arms inside the ride and stayed with what I know. It still is a lovely bag. Ahem. Onward. Tonight I was scanning ebay looking at the bags and I came across the same bag for .. wait for it ... $120.00!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF???

Being aghast I sent an email to the seller asking how they could be selling the bag for close to twice what I bought it for - and who cares if the shipping was free! This is a top-rated seller with 100% feedback - but it's still a rip-off. So be careful out there people.

If you're shopping on the internet and you see a pair of shoes, a purse, a camera, whatever - search for that item until you find it somewhere that will give you the best deal. I would have been horrified if I had bought the bag on ebay and then found it as much as $60.00 less somewhere else. I understand and believe in capitalism. But how do people sleep at night when they rip people off like that? Because you know the person who buys the bag for $120.00 isn't the type of person who is familiar with searching for the same item somewhere else.




The Beading Gem said...

Totally agree with you - it pays to shop around be it online or otherwise.