Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The fun is over!

When my Mom came to live with me for a while about 2 years ago (could be 3 but who’s counting?) I moved my son out of his room and into the back of the house.
It is actually a family room but the main family PC was back there and that’s where he spent all of his time anyway, so I didn’t feel very bad evicting him from his bedroom. It was my Mom after all, and she was going through a divorce and about to have back surgery. It must have been 3 years. I dunno. Regardless, Andy ended up in the back of the house with the PC, TV, stereo, couch and treadmill.

Treadmill? Yeah, that’s where the treadmill was.

It wasn’t long before the family room/lair took on the stank of “boy”, and became an unpleasant place for me to visit, although my daughter would risk it from time to time.

I had lost my will to exercise a while ago anyway, and having the treadmill in the lair was as good an excuse as any to not start up again.

I don’t have that excuse anymore. Last night with the help of my strapping young BF (okay maybe not young, but younger than me) we played musical furniture, moving a bed out of my bead room, moving a desk in, moving the bed to the back of the house for the boy to add his own stank to, and moving the treadmill to the front of the house. The front of the house. Where I live. In front of the TV.

So while I am not confident enough yet to put a number on it, hopefully in the months ahead I will finally make some progress in fighting the weight problem I have struggled with my whole adult life. Exercise has been very effective for me in the past and I know it is what I need now.

I don’t expect to get back the body of a 20-year-old, hell, not even a 30-year-old I suppose. But I do expect to get the body of a healthy woman. That is the most important thing because God knows I’ve been feeling like crap.

That is what I will be telling myself over and over when I force myself to get off the couch (and the computer) and get on the treadmill, and even as I walk and sweat and huff and puff; “I am getting healthy, I am getting healthy!”

Of course I will need to fight the bad behaviors like the urge to reward myself for a good workout with a heaping helping of something really bad for me. Nothing like stepping off the treadmill and into the kitchen for a bowl of chocolate ice cream followed by an ice cold cream soda! Num!

The first few times, I just may end up looking like this - but a lot fatter and not nearly as cute.

** I am playing with my blog background, I thought it would be fun to switch it out now and then. I love the template that was designed for me, but I also knew I would want to mess with it now and then. It's like my hair, I get bored with it quickly.


LadyBanana said...

Good luck with the treadmill. I need to make a start on getting fit and healthier again. Over Christmas and my holiday I've been far too naughty!

Robin Marie said...

Oh I wish I had a treadmill! Good luck! I just started Physical Therapy and I'm hoping to start exercising too:)

Honeysuckle Rose said...

As much as I hate to admit it, walking/running is just about the only way you can get rid of excess stomach and hip flab. Before I had The Punk I was running two miles a day. Now I am just fat.

Good luck!

P.s. I like the blog changes, hat's off to you for being able to figure it out!