Friday, January 11, 2008

Sometimes it's worth the wait

Cleaning her room is a process for my daughter. It can take several days and always involves much laundering of clothes and throwing away of .. well, things. Lots.of.things. It is also something of an archaeological dig and the finds can be fabulous. Dani, on the phone with her boyfriend:

Honey? I found a light, it looks like a light. It’s in a box and it’s round. Its – it’s a car part Tony. I found a car part in my room.”

She becomes a scientist studying the artifacts she discovers as she digs through the many layers
covering her floor. She finds things she can’t identify and does not remember which frankly, freaks me out a little.

A few books are always found.

I know she's a vegetarian but I had no idea she was growing her own food under her bed!

This guy has been SO helpful!

There are always a few strange things uncovered ... some random Smurfs

...and the occasional family of borrowers.

But what I am looking forward to the most ...

.. is this much stuff ending up on the curb come garbage day!

Unfortunately, something always gets missed!

He IS kind of cute though, isn't he?


Lara said...

nice timing on the post, 'cause i'm about to do some major cleaning and organizing in my room this weekend too! i sincerely hope that no critters turn up... well, except for the two kitties who are supposed to be around anyway. ;)

thanks for the comment love at my place!

Gemheaven said...

Rofl reminds me of my room as a teenager!! I am much better now lol

palette48 said...

My oldest son just cleaned out his room when he was back for the holidays, something he rarely does, which was great! That helped me out since I am planning to remodel our master bedroom and all of our things are going to have to be stored in his room at least for awhile.

Honeysuckle Rose said...

Wow, you mean their rooms just get worse as they get older?!!!

PawHealer said...

Your daughter has a raccoon? OMG...I would love to have one of those little critters...seriously you found them? What's the deal here?

BetteJo said...

As serious as I was about the smurfs and the borrowers!

Joy Keaton said...

Hilarious! Somehow I find the baby raccoons, Smurfs and Borrowers no big deal - it's finding a car part that floors me!