Friday, December 14, 2007

A computer analyst's job is never done.

My Mom was staying at my sister’s house for a while, almost 2 years ago. She was using my sister’s computer or maybe I should say, attempting to. Since my job is in I.T. my Mom would call me with all things computer. Here is just a slice of one of those conversations that caused blood to start shooting out of my eyes.

I love you Mom!

M: The computer keeps going out.

BJ: Going out? What do you mean?

M: It goes black.

BJ: The monitor?

M: Yes, the computer.

BJ: Mom, are you looking at the computer?

M: Yes, where the picture is.

BJ: No Mom, the computer is the box, the tower.

M: Well it doesn't look like a tower to me.

BJ: That's okay Mom, it's where you would put a disk if you had one, or a CD.

M: I don't have a CD.

BJ: I know Mom. What color is the light on the box?

M: The box on top of the computer?

BJ: What box?

M: The one with all the plug ins?

BJ: You mean the power strip?

M: The electrical. I have to turn that on first.


I told her she needed to wait until my sister got home.



Pawhealer said...

I have that conversation when I drive with my mothers....I have instructed my closet friends to shot me if I should become my mother....

LadyBanana said...

LOL, reminds me of a girl I met on an IT course, she had Word open and pressed print, then she wondered why no document was printed... I asked what had she typed - she said.. nothing yet...

Lavender said...

ROFL!!! I would have spontaneously combusted LOL

Maddy said...

Huh! I'm definitely with your mum on this one! Actually we bought the exact same lap top for MIL exactly so that we could have international telephone calls to sort out the messes!

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

useless_rambler said...

LOL My husband does computer work on the side, mostly for friends. This morning, a friend of a friend picked a disc up that hubby made at 'friend's' request. Friend set out to 'fix' his own computer. I ask my husband if 'friend' knows what he's doing... husband says, "No! And, I'm not going to tell him, either. He's just going to mess it up even more, then eventually bring it to me to fix. Job security, dear. Job security!"

(disclaimer: this 'friend' of a friend isn't actually a 'friend' of ours... quite honestly, he's a moocher, a know-it-all who wouldn't listen even if my husband told him what he needs to do... so, LOL!)

Wow, that was a little long-winded to say, "I feel your pain" :)

Anonymous said...

Great Blog, I enjoyed reading it.

Jessica said...

I feel.your.pain. I am also my families go to gal for computer related mishaps...and operator errors.

It sounds like my rendition of The Blind Leading the Blind...