Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm good enough!


Okay, is it just me or does comment moderation make anyone else feel stooopid? My eyesight isn’t the greatest these days but it’s not so bad that I should not be able to copy 6 or 7 letters that are directly above the space in which I am supposed to type them.

I totally understand why people need to use moderation and for the most part would venture to say that most people who use it have to, not want to. So I am not complaining about the fact that many bloggers moderate their comments. It is an evil necessity because of all the technology out there. But speaking as an average human, moderation defeats me more times than not.

Is that an ‘m’ and an ‘r’ or 2 ‘r’s and an ‘n’ – or – an ‘l’ and an ‘o’ or maybe a ‘b’? Am I the only one who struggles with the slanty, run-together letters? And then – when I try and fail – then – it mocks me and gives me a second try with nice remedial block printing and fewer letters. Oh nice, she’s an imbecile so let’s really dumb it down for her!

There are enough things in life to make me feel ‘less than’ in some way, don’t get me started on fashion magazines and women’s body image these days, or something closer to home, accepting a new position offered to me at work that requires a degree I don’t have, there are enough things out there to make me feel insecure. Sheesh, comment moderation shouldn’t be one of them.



Stimey said...

Yeah, I have perfect eyesight and I still get the letters wrong sometimes. It makes me feel like I failed a test or something.

Don't worry. You're not alone!

(Although you totally should have turned comment moderation on for this post.)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

RIGHT ON THE HEAD!! I hate that stoooopid thing too!

Pawhealer said...

if i fail them...I say chuck it and move on!

And I do fail them...thats for sure.

I don't moderate...let people say what they want...

Danielle said...

I have had to use the moderator in the past because of excessive spam. I hate when I have to do this for all of the same reasons that you have said.

I never get it correct the first time and I get angry when I get the really easy one the second (sometimes third) time. Why couldn't you just use something easier the first time?

Loralee Choate said...

Word verifications is one of the (Many) reasons that I switched to WordPress.

Of course, a large chunk of it was the hell that was Blogger Beta, but it seems to have calmed down for everyone a lot since then.