Sunday, September 2, 2007


Over the years I have watched my share of soaps when I have had the chance. Ryan's Hope, Days of Our Lives, Texas, General Hospital, and to me the mother of all soaps, Another World.

I whittled down my soap watching and easily cast some aside over the years but Another world was the one I started watching first and was loyal to forever, until it was taken off the air. I used to tape it during the day and watch it when I came home from work, or at another time when I was home with my babies, I watched it during the day. However, I always watched. So when it was taken off the air it was like losing a part of the family. Okay, a screwed up convoluted overly dramatic part of the family, but family none the less.

Today I discovered that I can download episodes, in order, episode after episode, and I can watch it again. Okay, nothing new will happen. I will have to endure the shoulder pads and heavy makeup from the 80's with them again. I will see the babies that are carried upstairs one day as infants, come down those same stairs a year later as teenagers. I will see the same explosions, the different actors playing the same characters, the weddings, miscarriages and the deaths all over again.

I will love every moment. I am so excited I am almost giddy! I should probably buy stock in whoever makes DVD's because I will be burning a lot of them.

I know there are others out there who miss the show as well, and for you, enjoy:


palette48 said...

My favorites are Y&R and B&B. I don't watch them every day but it seems you just have to watch a little bit here and there and then you are all caught up with everything that is going on.

How neat to be able to download the old episodes. I will have to see if my favorites are downloadable too.

PawHealer said...

If you like soap operas; just watch cable news every day...drama galore.

I have to admit that is where I get my day time soap fix.

Jenn said...

Guiding Light and Young and the Restless.

Watched them as a kid, and I swear they all still look the same.

kristen k said...

I am an Aries too! your blog is great! I have to learn all these cool the puzzle! Thank you for looking at mine!

W. J. St. Christopher, Digital Artist said...

I started watching Another World just a few months before it was canceled. Never could figure out what the heck was going on.

I'm down to one soap (Y&R) and don't want to backslide by taping episodes. So, I guess I'll never figure out Linda Dano & the AW crew!

keeyit said...


Enjoy the present moment that you have now !

Honeysuckle Rose said...

Aww ... that reminded me of my grandma; she watched Another World religiously and was a pissed off old lady when they canceled it.

Lavender said...

In high school, we all rushed home each day to watch General Hopsital (I think that was it anyway)..during the whole Luke & Laura drama (this is really stretching the memory here!) LOL