Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Am I late to THIS party??!?

Driving home from work today mindlessly listening to the radio - I heard an interview with a guy named Dan Finnerty. The premise, ladies and gentlemen is, some regular guys got together, formed a band to sing - uh-huh - girl power ballads! YES!!!

I lifted this right from their site The Dan Band:

"Dan Finnerty grew up in the small town of Bath, NY, where, as a casualty of the parachute pants era, he constantly avoided getting his ass kicked by the farmers for not wearing work boots and Lee jeans. Dan escaped the lovely countryside, and moved to Boston, where he attended Emerson College.

After four years of showering with an empty keg in the tub, Finnerty graduated and was cast as Woof in the European Tour of "HAIR," directed by it's author, James Rado.

He spent a year traveling through Europe on a bus full of hippies, then left to pursue his dreams of being a waiter at a 50's diner in New York City ...

In between shifts, he landed some off-Broadway shows, and some very impressive atmosphere work on 'Guiding Light,' and reluctantly left the food service industry when he was cast in "STOMP."

He went back out on the road again, banging garbage all across the country, finally settling down in Los Angeles.

He's been on a bunch of TV shows and in some films, and has been quite fascinating in all of them.

He lives a happy life with his pretty wife Kathy and their kick ass daughter Sam."

*"The whole girl song thing started in one obliterated collision with the karaoke world, when Dan thought it would be funny to get up and sing "I Am Woman." Funny for some maybe, but not for Dan. It was then that he realized yes, he still was an embryo with a long, long way to go.

He left the safety of the karaoke world and ventured out into the hardened streets of LA, where he found a couple of down and out backup guys, a full band of rocker renegades, mixed in some girl songs and some bad choreography, and from the afterbirth, the Dan Band was born."

Put your hands together for - The - Dan Band!!!



Robin Marie said...

I'm late with you, but what a good party:)

Thanks for sharing the laughs!

palette48 said...

Never heard of him but interesting to say the least.

Pawhealer said...

how funny....