Wednesday, May 30, 2012


While Jakie was cleaning her toes on one end of the couch, I sat on the other end perusing apps on my phone.  In categories I randomly chose 'utilities' and scrolled through.  Expecting to see things that were probably located in 'productivity' and realizing I was in the wrong category I was still surprised to see THIS:

Bwa-ha-ha-ha!!  Okay, so it made me giggle. The idea that someone had the idea to create an app for this made me snicker.  But hearing my son's words "Mom, c'mon.  There's an app for EVERY. THING" I did a small search and only saved some of the many.

So apparently more than one person had the thought ...

.. and had the skills to create an app like this ..

.. and had the follow through to create it and manage to get it out there for the world to .. uh .. enjoy!

What do you think?  I'll bet these are the apps you never knew you wanted!  :)

*Oh, and how much do you want to bet it's 99% guys who download these??*



Anonymous said...

That is sexest!!

Lady Banana said...

I cannot possibly imagine ever downloading one of these, very odd and surprising that there isn't just one but so many!

BetteJo said...

I know, right?

Pearl Blay said...

What cracks me up is some of them expect to be paid for apps!