Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Creepy sailor boys, frogs and broken mice

Why do people save the things they do?  I received 2 boxes today that my brother packed up and sent to me, with items belonging to my mom that I guess he thought I might want.  Not sure why exactly .. !  Can you say .. things that make you go HHMM-M-M ... ?

These things were not the heirloom pieces you might expect.  There were some cups.  Okay, she liked these I guess.

But did you know they were still doing The World's Fair in 1982?  And for some reason it was important to her.

Okay, the magazine from when JFK was killed.  I understand that.

But what importance did she put on this tiny frog, that she wrapped him in newspaper and packed him carefully away?

There are some really old books that are kind of cool ..

I think this one belonged to my grandmother.

And then there is this ancient teddy bear .. I don't know who it belonged to.  Logic would say it was my mom's when she was a kid but for some reason I'm wondering if it belonged to her brother who died before he became a teenager.  But, who knows?

And what does anyone make of this creepy old bisque sailor boy?  I'm tempted to toss him right away because he's just .. icky .. but sometimes old things are worth something, icky or not.  But him?  Eew.

There are several magazine covers from Women's Day, most marked 5 cents, this one was 7.  I tend to think these were pictures she liked, nothing more.  There are also pictures from calendars and cut out from other magazines.

Okay, this thing is a flute of some sort.  I'm a bit afraid of it.  I mean - I had my tubes done years ago but this guy smacks of fertility to me.  Just sayin'.  I certainly wouldn't have lovingly packed him away.  Where did he come from?  Who gave him to Mom?  Or did she like it enough to buy it herself as a souvenir perhaps?

Can you imagine your teenager reading a book entitled Home and School Entertainments?  Uh huh.  Bet there are some nifty hi jinks in there!

And oh my gosh look!  It was profusely illustrated!!!  What does that mean, exactly?

And then there is this sad little mouse.  I mean, he's cute and all.  But his ear is glued.  Badly, I might add.  Where did he come from and why did she care enough to glue that ear and pack him away?  Sort of amazing how little I know by looking at this stuff.  

Guess that proves that stuff is only stuff, and it's not the stuff that matters.  But it still makes me go hmm-m-m-m ....



Anonymous said...

We had the same thoughts when my grandmother passed away. Things she had kept for who knows how long and we had no idea why. But guess to her they were important. We each picked one thing to keep and the rest went to the dump.

Lady Banana said...

What an odd collection!

When we cleared my parents house it was amazing the bits and pieces we came across..

Teena in Toronto said...

What a box of treasures!