Thursday, May 17, 2012

This guy?

Sleeps like the dead.  Unless his stomach is growling he doesn't wake up when someone comes in the room or makes normal household noises. 

Unless of course, it is about 3:00 am.  Then he gets up and wanders the house - yowling.  I've read that it's not unusual for elderly cats to wander at night, to seem confused and to vocalize.  My crabby ol' man cat qualifies as elderly and he's certainly doing those things.  It has been suggested that I open the door and allow him to make the choice.  But how can I punish him if he has kitty-Alzheimer's?


He's lucky I love him.  Oh well, I've played the caretaker role before ...



Mahala said...

Awww. I wanna smooch dat face.

Lady Banana said...

He's lovely, dreaming his kitty dreams.

The 3am thing must be annoying though!

Teena in Toronto said...

He looks so comfy!

Morgan sometimes yowls about midnight. I'll call to him and he comes running in the sleep with us.

Lavender said...

Aw, If youre right about that old cat thing, Im in deep doo in the future - my crabby middle age cat (nearly 9 now) already has a habit like that - can drive one spare!!
Happy Housewarming BetteJo!!! Yes, one day you will be completely unpacked, except for the stuff you re-packed because....wait...why do we do that anyway?

Pearl Blay said...

Don't encourage the nocturnal wanderings. My friend's cat was indulged in this fashion and he kept wanting to come and go every hour or so!