Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's tough being me!

I have to get up really early when the natives get restless!

Hafta make room for the neighbors ..

Need to hang stuff ..

Make sure everybody is comfy!

.. and everyone is fed, Jake loves pasta!

And unpack, unpack, unpack.  It seems to never end.

Apparently this is the ever-lasting move.  (S'cuse the cell phone picks but you guessed it - haven't unpacked the good camera yet.)



Anonymous said...

I moved in over 6 years ago and I still have boxes that I haven't look in. I kinda think I should just toss them...but of course I can't do that. Might have something good in them. So don't feel bad, somethings just take time.

Lady Banana said...

I've not moved in over a quarter century.. I'd love to experience it! lol

Lady Banana said...

Meant to add... the kitties look relaxed about it all though!