Monday, July 11, 2011

Power to the people ... Com Ed? Soon?

The house is so quiet I can hear every kitty foot fall, every tick of the one clock I have that does that. Every inhale every exhale is making the house FREAKING HOTTER!!! Ahem. I am uncomfortable.

Grew up in a house with no air conditioning, rolling back and forth during the night to find the cool spot on the sheets. Sometimes I would get lucky and get one of those big box fans in the doorway of my room, a warm breeze to at least dry some of tHe sweat. Ah, the good ol' days.

The cats know something is wrong but they can't seem to be able to figure it out. It's hot in here y'all. Can't wait for power.



Cindy of PEI said...

BetteJo I hear you on getting a box fan. When I was privileged to get one it was the one with the blade bent and the noisy thing went click click click all night long.

When we lived in Ottawa the air never cooled in the evening after the sun went down from all the street pavement and high-rises that held onto the heat. I remember living in an upper duplex one time and having to lay wet towels on us at night with the fan going to cool off enough to sleep. One good thing about the Island here is when the sun goes down in the evening you want to have a sweater with you, it's nice.

You know I'm back and forth, when it gets busy here you can tell, I don't visit often or blog myself but I'm always about

Lady Banana said...

We've had so few hot days this summer it's not been a problem yet..

Shaiha said...

I would gladly trade you. Today it is 64 degrees with overcast skies that are just drizzling.